1. New Project

    New Project

    Bird Wren/Sears Runabout project
  2. New Project

    New Project

    Bird Wren/Sears Runabout project
  3. Sears Runabout

    Sears Runabout

    Sears Runabout
  4. Sears Runabout

    Sears Runabout

    Sears Runabout
  5. 6EB3FB6A-6954-420B-8E19-643A00EAE950.jpeg


    Sears Runabout
  6. O

    Now available New Reproduction Bird Sears JC Penney Scrub brake pad Free shipping

    New US made casting of the long discontinued aluminum scrub brake pad for Bird manufactured minibikes, including certain Sears Roper and JC Penney branded models. A very limited number of these pads were produced and thus a limited number is available. Pad is 5" tall and 3" wide. NOT home...
  7. G

    bird wren info wanted:

    hi,just picked up a late 60's bird wren, what would be the correct engine? it currently has an older 2 1/2 briggs. also has plate between forks.what decal would belong on this? chain guard? I think its a penneys foremost ,I have a runabout & it doesn't have the plate. I'm thinkin its a penneys...
  8. D

    sears runabout or wren

    for sale 300.00 running bike head gasket leaking motor mod 143-584122 that all I can find on the cover. location Waterford mi, buyer sets up and pays shipping if needed/
  9. chipper

    Bird Wren Wheels

    Hey folks I just p/u a nice Wren/Runabout Frame . I'm in need of a set ( front and rear ) 5' steel wheels , need to be decent shape , I'll blast them and paint them so not looking for perfect just rider quality ! Thanks !
  10. J

    WTB: Bird forks like whats on a Wren

    Could really use a set,or the dimensions of the crowns...........with width and neck bolt hole to forks...........centerline would work. Have a Pinto style and plan to make a custom with a McCulloch or West Bend engine. Thanks in advance, Joel in Littleton,CO. Email: joel@intermtnsales.com
  11. Old_iron

    Sears Runabout / Bird Wren roller

    I have too many projects so this one has to go. Forks are bent, pegs are bent. Wheels are pretty far gone, have some rust-through. The bike is currently taken apart and can be boxed up pretty easily. $150 Shipping UPS - Might be the cheapest option. Fastenal - I've used them...
  12. boostdoctor

    My Supercharged gx390 Byrd Wren!!!

    3 weeks of hard labor to get this supercharger setup done. But it was worth it. Ungodly power! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s41umwMN35E
  13. Outlaw Ace

    Bird Wren on OKC CL $125

    Looks to have the original white Tec with side fill tank and the seller says it starts and runs easily, only $125. I'm not buying any more for a while because I'm considering moving back to a rural area and will have to find storage for tons of stuff as it is. Someone can post a link if they want.
  14. J

    Upgrades to Bird Wren for a fat boy

    Bought a Bird Wren with the hopes of upgrading it so it can carry me around swap meets. At 250 lbs., I planning to upgrade to a Predator Hemi engine and a 5" rear wheel and tire. Does anyone think it will work and then will I have to add an engine upgrade kit and what size sprockets?
  15. Bird Wren

    Bird Wren

    As bought at the California Hot Rod Reunion for $50
  16. G

    Bird Wren

    Just bought this Bird Wren off ebay. Tickled pink to get it. I've been looking for an early Wren forever. I wanted the single downtube frame version from around 1961 or 1962 but this will suffice for now. Not sure what year this one would be. I assume this model still used the Clinton Panther...
  17. C

    WTD: Bird Wren Forks & Front Wheel

    I just picked up a Bird Wren for my first project bike, the forks are wrong and it's missing a front wheel and tire. obviously i'm new to the forum and I'm not sure if there are aftermarket forks available or not. Let me know what you have. I'm located in So. California if that helps. Thanks...
  18. Stangrcr1

    1966 Bird Wren

    Yeah, I need the room. 1966 Bird Wren. Rebuilt in my project log. Listed on my local CL here. $500 OBO. Will make a deal to OldMiniBikes members. Shipping is on you.
  19. Stangrcr1

    The Little Bird Wren

    This is a "One flew over the Coo-coos nest" type of deal. I have no idea why I got this bike, other than the great price and a TAV. :laugh: It is definitely too small for me to ride comfortably without modifying the bars. Haven't decided if I will actually keep her, but will fix the stuff...
  20. capguncowboy

    Bird Wren Frame

    I believe this is a Wren frame (as indicated by the Bird Man). Forks are nice and straight, no cracks or rewelds. $75 + shipping OBO (please feel free to make offers) I might also be willing to do partial trade for an HS40 flywheel (aluminum or cast iron), brake levers, throttle...