69 Taco T100 powder coating forks

Does anyone know how others have powder coated the forks and still be able to get the springs and the lower forks on, I have had to remove the powder coat as it is to thick to install springs, I have seen many purple t100s with purple under the springs. I need some ideas. Thanks
You can wet sand it down to size and if there is enough left you can buff it but it takes some expensive compound to get it shiny again. I do not have anything powder coated because it is usually put on too thick making assembly a whole new level of pain in the ass. But it does look nice.
Yeah, all top coat gone and base close to completely, thought that I would just paint it black there,seems the easiest route. If that's not too thick lol


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I have found that with the OEM springs I did not have any issues with. The aftermarket springs gave me fits because a tad bit larger wire diameter. In both cases I had the OEM springs rechromed and the both bikes powder coated and had no issues As far as the fork legs go, I always tape those off as the extra material will keep them from joining in harmony. I typically will paint them black before I grease them up!