9 years for OldMiniBikes.com !

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I saw another thread about mini bike anniversaries and I thought about it....we were so busy this spring that I think I forgot to mention that the Forum is 9 years old! (May/06) - (Warehouse 3/10!)

How many people are still around from 2006? Click the poll.

Thanks to everyone who made the forum what it is today and in the future. :thumbsup:

I'm glad to know those of you who I do personally, and those of you who have caused us grief on the forum, there is another finger on this hand for you! :thumbsup:


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Congrats and most of all THANKS!
Joined in June 2007, lurked for a few moths before that.

P.S. Would love to be able to buy some more OldMiniBikes shirts to help spread the word, Only have one left that didn't get totally worn out.


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We cannot thank you enough for all of your efforts with this forum. It has allowed all of us to explore our hobby well beyond what it ever would have been. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!! :thumbsup: HD
Can I just say if it weren't for OldMiniBikes and Aircooled VW's, I'd be rich.:crying::laugh: Congrats to Hent and Viki and most of all thank you for all of your hard work!
enjoyed every minute of the three years i have been a member.......thank you Vickie and Hent for your hard work and many more years of success to you both....
Thank You Hent!
Been a member 7 years this month.

Great place to be a part of and a lot of amazing bikes, members and stories.
The drama can be quite a chuckle too.


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Nearly three years here with all you enablers! Thanks for the great site and feeding a somewhat wholesome addiction.:thumbsup:


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My first account was in 2007....but I was too computer illiterate and only lurked. Then eventually got a new computer and had to start this account in 2008 cause I lost all my passwords..lol.


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Man, I can't possibly say enough, or what I haven't said before.

Five years on here and when I started, I honestly knew absolutely nothing about engines, mini bikes, tav's, carbs, rods, ect..

I confidently now, can rebuild pretty much any of them. Paint too.

I can not thank ya'll enough for putting up with my dumb arse.

I truly believe I have made lifeline friends on this forum.

Congats to you Hent and Vickie.
You had a dream and you saw it through. Tough to do these days.

Thank you each and everyone who has helped this ol misguided fella.
I joined in 2009 and my first couple posts were in the What is it section asking for help identifying the bikes I just bought. Funny thing is I knew nothing about minis back them except that they were fun to ride when I was a kid. 6 years later and I can't get enough of them. :freakout:

Thank you Hent and Viki for this great site. :clap: