All original SURVIVORS

Ok, seems like some a lot of us here like the originals enough to keep them that way. I don't mean total basket cases, I'm talking about (mostly) original, unrestored bikes. Lets see em!!

This is my Montgomery Wards 525. I was originally going to use it for parts for my Allis Chalmers bike. Then I came to my senses.
As bought:

After a lot of cleanup, no new paint, original chrome polished:

My Cat Endura, after a weekend of cleaning. Yes it's the wrong seat.

Fox Sundowner. This bike belongs to a friend of mine. He got it last fall, it was BRAND NEW. As in it sat in a warehouse unassembled in the original box. It has never had fuel in it, but the storage was a little damp, so there is some very small amounts of corrosion here and there. VERY CLEAN bike.

So, lets see your survivors!!
I had an identical Wards XE525. Sweet mini. It had the large frame Techumseh 5HP. I changed the 2 speed to a plain jackshaft. I sold it to a friend several years ago and he has done nothing with it since . I've regretted letting that one go.