Bonanza BC1100 Resurrection

Added some steering stops. Never really liked that these bikes never came with some kind or steering stop most frames and forks are usually dented from the forks contacting the frame. I will put rubber vacuum caps over the stops so it’s not hitting metal on metal.



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Went digging through some parts and found a set of go power wheels and a 60 tooth rear sprocket. Not sure if I am going sandblast and paint the wheels or get them burnished? And the rear sprocket looks to be in good shape but I was thinking of getting a new one if I can? I know the go power sprockets are hard to come by and I don’t know of anyone that makes new ones currently? It does appear that the sprocket is welded to the drum brake hub so theoretically I could grind off the old welds and remove the old sprocket and have a new sprocket made for it and welded back on. Or maybe leave the existing sprocket and drill it to be used for a newer style split sprocket? Any ideas what I should do?

If you live in the Bay Area you should hit up Taco loco Joe he knows of a chrome shop and a burnishing shop
Last week I sent Eric at ombwarehouse a email asking if they were going to get anymore of the fork springs in stock. He said that they were not going to ever get anymore because the guy wasn’t making them anymore but to check the mail in a few days. The darn guy sent me a new pair of springs and a original jack shaft sprocket for free! I’m very thankful for all that Eric does and be sure to check out his live streams on Facebook Thursday nights