BS 5HP pressure washer donor motor.

Yes it is a scrap yard find.
So far it looks good as a spare motor for one of my minis.
There is a small blemish in the upper end of the cylinder yet you can still see original honing swirls on the cylinder walls.
Best thing I like is the engine cover has bolt bosses for the pressure washer pump, hope I can bolt a TAV 30 to it.
There is this big hole on the lower right side of the block for a low oil sender.



I was a little skeptical on the motor due to the hole in the side, all I need is the gasket of the low oil sensor and I will make a block off plate easy.
Thanks, that is good to know that a TAV will bolt right up to it. Again thanks for the heads-up on the OldMiniBikes warehouse TAV deal.
I went on and ordered one, shipping was great at just under $9.00 bucks :eek:. Can't beat that. :thumbsup:

Most of the time is just for the 48 contiguous states.
It takes some extra coin to get stuff over to the other 2 states and the territorys .