Building my own "Alsport/Trisport" style trike. What would be best dimensions for it?

After doing some research on trikes. reverse trikes, etc, I think I'll fab up my own along the Trisport lines. I will use a 6.5 Predator and series 30 torque converter. I think I will use a differential for ATV applications from Northern tool. Axle brakes on both wheels seems to be a must. For the front I have a Chinese Baja minibike fork assy with shocks and a 19-9.5-8 tire that I could use. I have a rear engine-mount swing arm from a Chinese buggy that has a 26" wide at the tube frame and 48" wide with 19-9.5-8's mounted on it that would probably be a good start, with some 25-12-10, and 18-9.5-8'salso available if needed for the rear.

So I'm trying to figure out the dimensions. Looking at the pics on here and using tire widths as a measuring guide the Trisports seem to be 40-50" wide at the rear. Don't know about length. Can anybody give some ideas on dimensions that would work? While I'm at it I have also been chewing on making this a tandem two seater with the two seats fairly close together requiring the back seater to sit legs open to accommodate the driver seat which would be very close to keep the overall length down as much as possible. If speeds are kept at the 20-25 mph range on open pastures would this be OK or is it best to leave these style trikes as a one-seater?


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There are pics, probably in the photo gallery of pamphlets that's have the width and lengths. The TS models except the small MTS were about 48" wide and the RTS were more like 52".

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If you use a differential your wheels and axle hubs will set your width. Following is a picture of a two seat Trike that was just too heavy for its 7 HP Tecumseh it was called the Roustabout .

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