1. H

    Building my own "Alsport/Trisport" style trike. What would be best dimensions for it?

    After doing some research on trikes. reverse trikes, etc, I think I'll fab up my own along the Trisport lines. I will use a 6.5 Predator and series 30 torque converter. I think I will use a differential for ATV applications from Northern tool. Axle brakes on both wheels seems to be a must. For...
  2. Mrknobblies

    Noob Carb cleaning and building

    Hi everyone im extremely new to the world of mini bikes as Well as to mechanics but I wanted to better my skill set and learn more about mechanics and how everything works and figured building up a mini would be a challenging and rewarding learning experience. I purchased a used mini Baja (not...
  3. ole4

    Building a non hemi predator Test Motor

    I am starting a thread on a non hemi predator motor. This engine came off a Kart my nephews kids race on a kart in my backyard. It was a stock Non Predator engine and I never had an interest in it as I find the hemi to be a much better platform for my engine builds. The reason for this is that I...
  4. Bumblebee2

    Building the Azusa. Not vintage.

    So I got bit by the Minibike bug. Don't know why, but I did. After the eBay find Flexo I decided to build an Azusa. Started out with a rusty frame. The poof can paint job did not hold up well on the coast. I was told that this is a later, perhaps 90's vintage frame, it's not out of the 60's...
  5. R

    New to building (Need 3/4 clutch help)

    HEY So i have a monster moto 80cc and i bought a predator 212 engine and im ready for a swap! I am totally new and dont know **** I seen many swap videos and clutch videos but nobody explains how to remove a key. Only problem is the engine has a key thing preventing me from placing the...
  6. M

    Building a Flathead

    Happy New year to everyone in the forums helping out us MiniBike enthusiast, For my first engine build I have decided to go with a Briggs 5hp Flathead from an industrial fan. I am sure there are a couple of threads on flathead builds on this forum already. Although all are great, I still have...
  7. S

    MN guy here, building a Christmas present!

    I just scored a sixties/seventies mini bike today from Craigslist for $60. It has an odd single downtime and the mounts for a jackshaft. I think it might be a Fox Sprite? Anyway, I got a frame and fork, complete twist throttle, set of wheels with new tires, a couple sprockets, drum brake and...
  8. HolyFrijole

    Not a Mini Bike but something I am building.

    I know this is a Mini Bike forum but this is kind of a 4 wheel Mini Bike. Have to decide what engine setup before I build the top part and I am going to use a 14 1/2 " round stool cushion with the UA elephant logo on it and paint the frame crimson red. also will run the steering shaft...
  9. G

    Need all parts for a DB30 rebuild. Building it from the ground up.

    Like the title said.. I'm planning on buying a brand new predator 212, so that's the only thing that I really dont need other than wheels, tires, fenders, and the frame. I'm in the market for: Clutch for a 212. Throttle assembly Left grip Gas tank Seat Seat cover Headers Mufflers...
  10. J

    Correct forum for speed?

    I am new to mini bikes. Have a couple of vintage bikes but am thinking of building one for speed. Where are the speed demons hanging out?
  11. OND

    Lil Indian Clutch Cover (Repopp) Blems

    I've been working on repopping some Lil Indian clutch covers to help some folks and myself out. In building molds, building tools and figuring out thickness and on and on..I have these three covers that will need a little body work and or touch up done to them...still usable and repopped off of...
  12. Stangrcr1

    Build Off Entries

    We have 58 entries. Dang that is a lot of bikes! Entries now closed. There are two that messaged me earlier, so they may yet get added in for 60 total! 13 Vintage 21 Open 5 MTTW 3 Scratch 16 JFF Looking forward to all the building yet to come! And for those wondering, yes, I am...
  13. Biffmini

    2015 OldMiniBikes Build Off Biffmini Open Class

    Hay OldMiniBikes, thought I'd try this build off thing, 1st one for motivation to get my project done! Building a mini for my daughter, but I'd say I'm really getting in to it. Sheesh the pressure is on now. I'm entering the open class & building a General Appliance mini. I'd sure like to know what...
  14. Y

    nitro 44 roller chassis

    What are your thoughts and opinions of the nitro 44 roller chassis? I've had a mini bike for years but now I want to build a mini drag bike. I'm in the process of building my first motor. It'll be a nice but mild flathead. I want to use this chassis as my motor building skills grow. What do you...
  15. artwash202

    What's up Fellas..

    I'm new to the minibike hobby, but so far I'm having a ball building and riding mini bikes at car shows and in the pits at drag races I recently started a new project in which I had to learn how to weld and bend tube mostly by watching videos on YouTube lol.. next I'm going to try my hand at...
  16. S

    2015 Build Off - Sandcracker's Open Class Murray Track 2

    I'm building this for my wife. Good luck everyone.
  17. I

    building vintage mini bike

    i am building a mini that i bought from a friend that just sat underneath his porch. it had a lot of surface rust, so im getting it sand blasted. i bought most of the parts i need and just have a few more thing. i plan on putting one of my full race built clone motors from my go kart racing...
  18. W

    Motorized drift trike

    Here is a few pics of a drift trike I am building It will use a clone engine I am building now and still trying to get parts for.
  19. hemigremmy

    Frame building questions

    So I am getting ready to build this drift trike that I have been collecting parts for & I don't want to use the BMX bottom frame tube. I want to build a frame tube that comes out perpendicular to the neck tube, sweeps down to the back and sweeps back up parallel to the ground that I can then tie...