1. J

    71-72 Rupp style carb

    Hello, Seeking a few pics of survivor 71-72 Rupp carb's. Left and right side. I just recv'd a couple but would like a few more from other members to see if they had differences from the factory. Help would be appreciated. Regards, Joe51
  2. H

    Building my own "Alsport/Trisport" style trike. What would be best dimensions for it?

    After doing some research on trikes. reverse trikes, etc, I think I'll fab up my own along the Trisport lines. I will use a 6.5 Predator and series 30 torque converter. I think I will use a differential for ATV applications from Northern tool. Axle brakes on both wheels seems to be a must. For...
  3. S

    customized chopper style mini bike. elect start, New everything almost

    I built this custom chopper. its durable and functions without any problems. new paint, bearings, rear tire and tube, chain, newer engine (rarely ever used) with electric start. new cables, new throttle,, new kill switch, new hardware, like new custom seat. The bike has a foot operated scrub...
  4. S

    customized chopper style mini bike. elect start, New everything

    pics speak for themselves. electric start, new tires, new throttle and cables, scrub brake, new 5.5 hp briggs, custom exhaust, new fabricated seat, full suspension. new clutch, chain, and sprocket. new gas and oil resistant paint. this bike is reliable and very fast. its very comfortable and...
  5. markus

    Tecumseh 71-74 small block throttle TRADE for 68-1971 style (repro fine)

    I have more of the later rivet on style that was correct 1971-1974 on the small frame H25-35 and HS40 and HS50 and could use the older style version like Joe51 repro's 1968-1970 and would like to trade. Original or repro is fine (would prefer Joes if its repro and NOT the ones currently on...
  6. Ajf

    Rupp grips waffle style 72 and up

    Looking for a set of 72 and up Rupp waffle grips. Thanks
  7. markus

    Late model piston/rings vs old style (HS40 rebuild)

    Currently building up HS40's and wanted to note a change that Tecumseh made regarding pistons and rings. In later years Tecumseh started using thinner rings. The piston size on an HS crossed with some of the OHH engines (as does alot of other internals) so they offered that piston/rings as an...
  8. L

    best fork upgrade for db30 old style

    My forks are completely fried and I was looking into getting azusa front forks to replace my doodlebug forks. I measured it all and it seems like a direct drop in, but was just wondering what the community thinks is the best front forks for the doodlebug. There aren't too many direct drop ins...
  9. cambo61

    Fox Sundowner Fuel tank. Later style. Great shape

    No pin holes or serious damage. Excellent tank. Steal at $85 + Fedex shipping. I prefer paypal. It has a tiny ding on the tank sidewall which is easily blended. Shown on the 2nd pic by the petcock on the pic. I'm trying to rake the light across the critical areas so you can see how good of...
  10. S

    Micro lil indian/taco style minibike build, from the UK

    So after watching alot of youtube videos i came across a guy from texas? Who has buolt a numner of minibikes from scratch, one includes a micro tom tumb style lil indian/taco style bike. I contacted the guy and he sent me some messurments wich was very kind of him to do so. So here is...
  11. S

    Micro lil indian/taco style minibike build, from the UK

  12. scrappybunch

    HS Tecumseh newer style combustion chamber

    Found a newer style vertical shaft in the dumpster at work. I was curious to see what had changed since the 70's when I was a kid fixing mowers. There is a lot more plastic, the cam gear, oil pump housing, and a plastic bushing on one end of the cam. Also a real centrifugal compression...
  13. Old_iron

    Yard Marvel Mountaineer Trail Style Bike

    I have mostly finished refurbishing this and have just realized I don't have the space. Here are the details: Original gear system (as far as I can tell) (ball knob is on the shifter lever, just not shown in pics) Comet clutch (copy) Custom seats Original tires Briggs (6hp?) I still...

    Has anyone tried to make your own Rokon style mini?

    I have gained an interest in Rokon but at the high price point and the spare parts I have laying around I'm thinking I might be able to do better
  15. T

    212 pred. motor in new style DB

    I'm having a hard time trying to get my 212 hemi pred. to fit in new style DB. Valve cover is hitting frame hoop in front of rear tire(where the fender bolts to). I tried the PMR adjustable motor mount- not even close, so I removed it. Then I cut the head off the front oil drain plug, slotted it...
  16. N

    Adult sized "Frijole" style bike

    Been working on my build, in hind sight, should have entered it in the build off as the timing is pretty close. I took someones posted rough dimensions for a frijole frame and enlarged them so a 6'+ guy can ride comfortably. Pics are my progress so far. I am quite pleased with the result. the...
  17. Outlaw Ace

    KOL mickey style bike on Tulsa OK CL $125

    The KOL they made the Mickey bike from for sale on Tulsa Oklahoma CL $125 and looks solid. I'm not going to even call on it because I'm done buying and have no desire to have to ship it when I sold it. Has a turd of a 3.5 briggs but that's easy to remedy. I hope someone can get it and no I wont...
  18. markus

    Tecumseh Factory chrome kit box muffler HS40/50 Ruttman style

    Lovingly used, It was NOS when I put it on my bike, bike was together for about a year with only occasional use for runs around the hood mainly. It is from a late model factory chrome kit that Tecumseh had, its good chrome, does show some bluing in the hot spot but it should not get any...
  19. Not so mini bike

    Old style Briggs 5hp recoil

    In good shape. Could probably be spun tighter to rewind better. Comes with mounting screw. $35 shipped
  20. J

    Looking for a set of Max Torque clutch shoes-old style

    Looking for clutch shoes. NOS would be great, or nice used.