Danford1's - Sears Best Green Streak - (Vintage Open)

Almost Done !
I mounted the engine and torque converter then started hooking up the throttle and brakes.
All I have left to do is mount a fuel pump and go for a ride :)
The ride part will have to wait. We got more snow yesterday and it is supposed to be cold for a few days so it won't be melting very fast.

This bike turned out great !!!! :thumbsup: Nice work Dan .
Nice build! I bet that pivot point change will make it a whole new bike ride-wise. Is that the Mopar Sub Lime muscle car color? Either way its a great. color for a mini.
Yes ! You nailed it. It in Mopar Sublime Green. It matched the stock color I found on the frame.
I like it :)

WOW..... I went for a short ride yesterday. The forecast said it would start snowing in a couple hours so I went for a short winter ride before it snowed, again.
Yikes. It is really hard to ride because anytime you give it throttle, it wheelies. The torque converter is almost like an off on switch. It engages quick and the front end pops up.
The gear ratio needs to be changed. It has a huge rear sprocket (84 or 88 tooth, can't remember) and the torque is high. I need to try a 60 tooth sprocket to lower the ratio for less out of the hole torque.
When the front end in down and you gas it, the thing has a lot of acceleration :)
Maybe it just needs a wheelie bar.

I built up the Predator by adding a cam, billet flywheel, carb jets, air filter, pulse fuel pump and header pipe with muffler. I don't know the hp now but, it is... a lot . It sounds mean and has instant throttle response. I bought some 18 lb springs for the cam but they aren't here yet. I want to add the springs before I hammer on it. The little I rode it was all part throttle and it hauled butt.

Sorry, no video yet. All I have is an Iphone and no one to hold it. I'll have to rig up a stand or cradle for it so I can video the ride. I know for the build off I need to post a video of me riding it. I will :)

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Hey Dan.....I don't see nothing ! :laugh:
I tried to edit the post. I clicked the insert link icon and tried that. Nothing showed up so I tried just coping and pasting the url into the message. That didn't work either.

Let me try this...

I didn't like the way the carb/air filter stuck out of the side of the engine. It was in the way of my leg plus it is easy to damage it.
I decided to make an angled carb adapter since I couldn't find any that were already made. It seems like someone would make them, but I don't think they do.
I took a straight metal tube adapter from a Briggs OHV engine. I cut it in half and then used a portion of a radiator hose to make the bent portion. It all worked great but there wasn't an easy way to hook up the throttle Plus the choke lever would stick straight out when in the run position (it is in the choked position in these pics).
I decided to stop working on this and get a different carb. I want to use a Mikuni styl carb with the round slide throttle. Those have the throttle cable coming straight out of the top. Easy to hook up.
Here are some pictures of the rubber hose set up.
On another minibike I'm building I made a similar adapter but used metal and welded it together. I like that idea better and will implement on the Predator engine. (to see the metal adapter on a Briggs, see my other thread here , see post 46. https://www.oldminibikes.com/forum/OldMiniBikes-build-off-2017-a/139506-danford1s-sears-puddle-jumper-vintage-5.html


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I saw them yesterday. I didn't know they were made... Here is one a little cheaper , $41, still a lot of jingle. This one is a round port design so you need to use the factory plastic D shape carb adapter with it. See link below.

I have a 19mm carb on hand. I'll try that first. This friggin built Predator has a ton of power as it is. The smaller carb might make it more ride-able.
I know a 22mm carb is recommended. If for some reason I can't get this 19mm to work good then I spring for the 22 mm carb.
I ended up using the carb adapter shown here on my other minibike so I need to make an adapter for this Predator.
Since I'm going to make one... I may as well make an all steel one like the $41 part. If I bought a pre-made adapter the carb wouldn't sit level. I would have to cut, rotate and weld the new adapter. The minibike has a slanted engine plate on it.
I'll just make one to fit this minibike perfectly. Nothing like custom made parts :)


Manifold, 22 Mikuni to GX200, 45 degree, Curved Steel, Economy Model
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[MENTION=1647]david[/MENTION]Wulf , The Wulf man makes really nice adapters , contact him . I don't know how you manage to keep up with so many projects :confused: Great work :thumbsup:
@davidWulf , The Wulf man makes really nice adapters , contact him . I don't know how you manage to keep up with so many projects :confused: Great work :thumbsup:

I'm a retired old fart. I'm in the garage all day every day. I'm also not married. I don't have anyone yelling at me :)
Time to brag a little... I restored all 4 of my builds by myself. Not even 1 second of help doing any work on them. I'm proud of that. The only "help" I had was when my girlfriend video'd me riding the Green Streak around the driveway. For the other 3 videos I leaned the camera on a box and went for the test ride alone.

I finished the metal carb adapter and installed a Chi-Kuni carb. I also swapped the 12 tooth front sprocket for a 15 tooth.
The angled carb gives a lot more leg room with nothing sticking out the side of the carb to spear you. My intake may not be a work of art but the throttle response is great and it runs very, very well. Since I did both the carb and sprocket change at the same time I can't comment on what did what but this is One Fast Bike. The tiniest increase in throttle gives instant acceleration and speed. I haven't had the balls to give it a full WOT run.
It doesn't have a wheelie bar and I'm to old to try to balance and ride a wheelie out like in the days of yesteryear...
I don't know what the top speed is either. I live on a curvy side street and speeding down it is a bad idea plus people start yelling and screaming to Slow Down! I don't need any police knocking on my door either.
I would have to take it somewhere and use a GPS to find top speed. I don't see that happening soon. I'll let the next owner find out how fast it will go :)

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