Dr. Shop Teacher's Ruttman Vintage Class Build-off Entry

Wheels look great Pete :thumbsup: Any time you have a set of gnarly rims you can send them to me and I'll glass bead blast them for you, might save some time with the polishing :thumbsup:
thanks, got my zinc in...so I'm going do the plating!
Wheels look great Pete :thumbsup: Any time you have a set of gnarly rims you can send them to me and I'll glass bead blast them for you, might save some time with the polishing :thumbsup:
Thanks for the offer, I almost took you up on it for these wheels...but I got started and couldn't quit.:eek:ut:

cool bike !!!! wheels and tires look great :thumbsup:
Thanks...lots of work!

Wheels look great Pete....and those hogs look right at home ! :thumbsup:
I was really surprised how good they look!:thumbsup:
Progress Update

Not so Minibike (Karl) shipped me a better drive sprocket (mine was really, really warped). Got that stripped today and cleaned up. Made a trip to Walmart to get Kosher salt and vinegar. Zinc bullion arrived earlier this week, so ready to make the vat for the plating. Hopefully, I'll have the frame back early next week. Anxious to start reassembly as I'm already tripping over the parts stash.


Cool we go up there every spring for the big car show/ swap meet its the best one around. We usually take my dads 58 impala because it has the biggest trunk and I always fill it with junk lol
Engine Assembly and Power Supply for Plating

I was able to urethane the tins when I finished the ARCO and Quas-Animal. Reassembled the engine today and installed a new carb after checking the float. Still need to get screws for the air cleaner can and locate the governor rod and spring. Wire wheeled the intake manifold to polish it up to match the exhaust. Capgun Cowboy sold me a period correct throttle control but I think I need to replace the torsion spring.

After that, I dug out an old portable phone and salvaged the power supply--output is 9v and 250mA. Hooked up alligator clips and soldered them in place. Mr. Pat suggests using a DC lightbulb to add some resistance, so I need to find one somewhere in the junk box. So, almost ready to mix up a batch of Kosher Vinegar (oy vey :facepalm:).


Pete that motor looks great , and the exhaust pipe really sets it off LOL. Also I want to know how you do the zinc plating . I have the stuff on my nanza that needs it .
Zinc Plating #1

Mixed up the witch's brew and tried out zinc plating today, as shared by Mr. Pat (thanks!). This is going to be detailed as I've gotten several messages about it. Some general notes here:

If you're using an old phone power supply (like I did), the device is not designed for this purpose and it gets HOT. You are feeding current through two anodes and across a liquid. Give the transformer a chance to cool down between "dips."

If you have a GFI-circuit handy, use it just to be safe.

Solder alligator clips to the leads from the power supply. As Pat noted, much easier and safer.

Use 14AWG wire. Make sure the part to be plated makes good contact with the wire. Keep the sheath on the wire except where it goes into the "brew." What I did was strip in the center of the lead wires and ran a pigtail for the alligator clip.

The brew is 1/2 cup Kosher Salt + 1/2 cup Sugar + 1/2 gallon of vinegar. A large plastic coffee can works well as a vat. Stir and let sit with zinc anodes in "brew" for 3-4 hours.