Efenel Mini bikes

Here's a video of one of the sealed Efenel mini bike boxes. There's no motor/seat or wheels but everything else is there. It's really neat, like a time capsule, since this was all put here decades ago. I have a few that are still in the wrappings and thinking of selling them directly here and not on ebay anymore in order to save money both on my end and the buyer's end. I'll be contacting OldMiniBikes in the morning about advertising

The original ad states that you can go up to a 100 miles on one gallon. Then it says you can go 3 miles for a single penny. So that would make gas price back then about $.33 a gal.

Now for that mileage and todays price for 87 octane where I live @ $3.89 a gallon. To go 3 miles would cost about $.11 cents.

Sorry I had some time to think about some numbers!
Thank you! I'm excited to get working on these frames. I have 3 different ones straight out of the OG box.

I used to be into big bikes (jap liter bikes) then we ran the little honda 50s during the off season, and found that the little bikes were a lot more fun than the big bikes! Maybe since we rode them all over Chicago, been in a movie and been thrown in jail for a weekend and have some great scars to show from it! Now that I'm older, I'm wanting a nice fun project that my daughter and I can do together
Hey Hi MiniGene ,,,,
Love your find ….what luck ….
FYI !!! I’m building an Efenel chopper as we speak … if you have a mind to part with any of those pieces ,,, it would be much appreciated !!!