Favorite mini???

Of all the mini's out there today.... Doodle Bug, Taco, Azusa, Rupp, Cat, the list goes on and on..which one do you love the most?
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In order of what I have: HPE Cats (2), Rupps (2), Bird (1) and have fixed and sold a few. Cats and Rupps make decent riding minis. I like 'em all.
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That is like asking which child is your favorite.....so ya on that note I have no problem picking a favorite and it would be my original Ruttman from childhood. lol
Although I enjoy the Harrison and my Ruttman Pac mule, The old school mini I would like to replicate from my fondest childhood memories would be the front peg Bonanza BC1200, with the mighty Briggs 5HP for power we had many adventures together................Tom.
As far as old-skool American type minibikes I like the Ruttmans (especially the Spyder) the best. But there are many others I'd love to have too.

As far as the Japanese minibikes from the 70s go, I like the 1971-1980 Kawasaki MT1/KV75 and the 1972-1978 Honda z50's!
I love them all even the ugly MTD Columbia and the Ropers with top mount tanks, I have had many of both and still own an MTD and two Ropers but only because I can't stop buying minibikes. My favorite in my stable is one of the most unusual badged Trailblazers I've ever seen. A guy who owed a grain handing company was a Shriner and wanted some minibikes for his Troupe, he got ahold of General Appliance and found that the minimum order was 50 or more bikes. He only needed a dozen or so but ordered 50, some suspended some not. He sold the surplus minibikes at his grain handling company and they sold well from the story I heard. Some members here doubted the story told to me but then a guy from Clay Center Kansas came on here and confirmed it, he said he rode some of the minibikes in the family's big yard when he was a kid in the late 60s early 70s he wasn't sure exactly. Anyway here are some pics of it.