International handmade old school mini

Tremendous work. Ernest Earles, his fork design and patent are new to me.
From a purely functional perspective I am assuming that there is a reason that the newer forks all have a "shock absorber" style spring set up. From a form design I really like this style. My goal with this bike is to emulate an old school bike over a modern bike. The lighting on it was chosen for the same reason.
Only a few minutes to work on it today. I got more powder ordered, ran out of the orange while coating the frame. I set the tail light in the sidecar, thee will be another on the sissy bar that matches.
More orange powder came in! I coated the sissy bar. Reattached it to the bike. I still have to drill the axle for the lock pins in the castle nuts. I found orange vinyl for the seat today, I already have gray for the seat contrast color. Need a bit of time to sew the seat togeather. image.jpeg