Help! My brand new mini bike refuses to start--clone engine

Hey guys, today was a pretty nice day in Michigan so I decided to start my bike up for the first time and take it for a ride. The bike decided otherwise. With the first pull it sounded like it wanted to start but then didnt. Then nothing after that and it seems as though with every pull gas leaks from the exhaust but not the carb. Please help, I've been waiting for months to ride this thing. Choke was on, gas valve was on, kill switch on. I'm lost (and kinda mad) as to why it won't start since its brand frickin new.
Ok, I just removed the carb bowl and checked the float. It moves freely without any obstruction or debris, it is brand new. I do notice tiny air bubbles and gas leaking from the exhaust flange. Did I flood something? What else should I check?
Remove the spark plug , then pull over the engine a bunch of times to vent the flooding clean the plug and then give it another try
Ok, so I removed the spark plug and pulled it over a few times. The plug was soaked with gas and the spark plug hole was misting out what gas was left. I put it back together and started it. It did a little better this time but no where near perfect. It started, felt like it was bucking, sounded like it was bogging, and then died soon after and wouldn't start again. I then repeated the steps with the same outcome every time. I think I'm just going to leave the spark plug off for a few hours and see if any remains gas evaporates and I'll start it again later. Hope this works, it's very frustrating and I'm losing daylight to ride lol. I can get my 15 year old snowblower to start on the first pull but can't start a brand new engine..story of my life
Thanks for the tip Manchester. I did notice that even though I take .63 quarts that I ended up filling only about .55-.6 quarts before it started dripping out. I'm gonna a top it off later tonight or tomorrow when I try to start it again.


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Are you turning off the choke?
It's flooding out and getting too much gas.
You have the air filter on it or done any work to the carb?
Just wonderin...

Even though a Buckeye helping or attempting to help someone with any resemblense of that school up North, is beyond me??:laugh:

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Hey GO blue, sounds like you're set too low. On your carb turn the black idle screw a quarter turn clockwise and restart. Like buckeye says slowly turn the choke off. Put the front wheel up against the wall so it don't jump on you! Once it's running you can turn it more or less til it hits a nice sweet spot, doesn't engage the clutch, purrs. Try that.
put in new plug. check air filter & make sure its not gas soaked. try to start, turn of choke as soon as it starts. go for a ride asap - hope this helps.
Take off the valve cover and watch the valve stems as someone turns the engine over slowly. Raw gas out of the exhaust is typical of a stuck intake valve. Chinese clones have spotty quality control, so there are a lot of possibilities there.

I have seen the problem on a couple of well-used Hondas. It was caused by the residue of old gas. I fixed the problem by taking the intake manifold off and cleaning the stem of the intake valve with solvent and a Q-Tip. If the governor is still on the engine, take pictures and try to remember where all the springs and linkages go.
As someone else said, try disconnecting the yellow wire. I just installed a Predator on my new Motovox--pulled the handle 100 times with nothing. Disconnected the yellow wire and it fired right up. Mine is about 2/3 full of oil but not topped off.