How to organize a drag day in New England?


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Seems like there is nothing that happens here in New England so as I was looking at all the drag day meets here a few questions come to mind and I wanted to get peoples opinions

-do you rent an actual dragstrip for the event? If so do you have it open only to mini's or other vehicles as well?

-how much do you charge for entry? I assume this needs to be paid in advance so that one person doesn't end up footing the bill on the entire day. Not sure what the cost is but I know when car clubs around here try to do it that they need like 80 cars and it still costs like $70 each

-how does the track handle safety inspection? Do they make you go by jr drag rules or something similar?


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No, my local track has no "standards" for mini's

This is why I asked what others do about running by jr drags rules or something else for safety inspection

The more I think about this I have decided to forget about it, not worth my bother to even pursue this. I will just continue drag race with my car and ride my bike on trails only.


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Did you ask your local track if they would do a mini bike class? I know last year when i tried to have a show and swap that no one but zeeman was interested in, they told me they would gladly have a "vintage mini bike class" standard pits entry fee ect. sign a waiver ect. Try calling them and don't make it so difficult in weigh ins and standards. It just mini bike fun anyway.


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Not worried about weigh ins, worried about safety tech, I'm sure helmet and full riding suit will be a minimum for them

Like I said, not worth it, just figured there would be a lot more tips from those who had done it already or at least some interested people


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I get you for sure. I printed flyers, made a event on here, and mentioned it every chance I had. I had the track,oval dirt track in agreement to allow track time and like I said in my last post, only Zee was interested. So I said screw it.
The only track safety was a helmet and suggested boots and some type of jacket. What we wear each time we ride anyway.
I feel ya!
Down here in cali. We started on special event days . Mainly Jr.dragster days or motorcycle events . Find out when these events go down at your track . Plan something with them and bring the best looking and functioning mini bikes possible. Something should happen.

MiniBike Paul

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You are looking for a nice quick easy answer . . . . . . and there isn't one! Call me and we can talk about it, there is way tooooooo much to type!

However, first you need to see if anybody is interested, which you can do here on the forum! Maybe try CL too!

People may not have responded because they didnt see the thread. I just found it. I dont usually ride a mini. But I do have one or two. But if there was a track I would bring my trikes... Randy