Is 70 old age?

70 isn't old its ancient. I know cuz I passed 70 almost 2 years ago. I didn't feel old until I busted my leg and lost a year of activity. Not complainin' though cuz I still have my leg. What's confusing is my brain is still 20 years old. I guess you know your getting old when you read the obits and the deaded people are all younger than you.
superflea, liked your comment about reading the obituary 's. Something I find myself doing every Sunday when there are lots of them in the newspaper. Only thing I pay attention to is year of birth. How many of them were born before 1948. My year. Sorta helps me calculate my chances. Body gets old, weak, and almost non functional. Mind never leaves that 17 to 22 age range. I.think tinkering with karts and mini bikes ( something I do a lot ) helps keep the kid in all of us alive. Still enjoy riding my bike. Some of my karts (4) are getting pretty hard for me to get into and out of. So to
f4radar, yes 70 is old. But back when we were 20 something's 50 was old,
and now that's already a long time ago.