It' the little things in life

A lot of people will say I am getting old (I am). My next birthday will click the number 64. Today I spent the afternoon with old people (older than me)! Went after noon dinner to wish my mom a happy birthday, 94 yrs old and completely with it. Then I stopped by a neighbor who was having a birthday today also. He is 81 and I brought him a picture of him sitting on my Hiawatha Doodlebug that I took a couple of years ago. As we sat at his table having coffee and cookies, he had tears in his eyes as he looked at the picture and reminisced about the Doodlebug he had as a young boy on the farm. I had a 12 mile drive to another town for a board meeting, but thought I should stop and visit one more old guy in the nursing home at that location (he is 87). Since he is suffering from Alzheimer's, I was a bit apprehensive about going to see him since his entry into a memory care facility. When I walked in to the lock down area, I saw him watching tv. He looked up and his eyes said more than any words could ever say. He lit up like it was his birthday! He put his hand out to shake mine as I sat down next to him and started to talk to him. Although he had only a few moments of clarity, we had a great time. I went into that nursing home with the thought of how I could maybe brighten his day, even if he would forget it by the time I walked out. The apprehension I felt walking into the nursing home was replaced with a feeling of happiness and a brightening of my day as I left him, a smile on his face and a friendly handshake. The little things in life, so many times make a difference in others.
Well said indeed!! Time passes way too fast, too many simple things we take for granted, only to realize their real importance when they are gone...a simple gesture we think can wait for another day....a heart felt impromptu visit we think can wait till we arent too busy.....hind sight is 20/20 and I wish I had spent more time with a good friend before he was gone!! I'm young and a hard lesson learned but a good one!....and a mistake I intend on not making again!!
Great observation Byron. All too often I am in the "it's all about me" mindset, and forget about the little things in life. Man I feel humbled today!
Good People

You are a good member and all around good dude, your posts and threads reflect that. Very thoughtful of you to visit these folks, I bet it's a light in the darkness for some and a joy for all to see you.:thumbsup::thumbsup: