Just got this BGW Tri-Rod Mini-Pickup!

I just picked this up last weekend. It is mostly all there and about 90% original! It doesn't run at the moment, but I don't think it will take much. The motor is not locked up, I can turn it over by hand. The carb is off of it, but it is clean and looks like it will be fine. The clutch/pulleys/belt seem to be in good working order. The front wheel is locked up, but it looks like a pretty easy repair/replacement. The body is in great shape for being 45 year old fiberglass. There are a couple of large cracks in the foot wells, but glass is pretty easy to repair. The battery is shot and the switches/gauges are gone. We'll see what it takes. I'm going to start with the engine and see if I can get it running, then go from there. This will probably end up being a long-term resto-mod/weekend tinker project. I really wish there was more info about these available. Judging from the internet, you'd almost be hard pressed to prove BGW even existed.



Hey Meatalhead1982...welcome to the OldMiniBikes...!

That's a very cool trike, and a great find.

Our member Steven Durham, knows a lot about these. If I'm not mistaken on the model, he used sell, and race these. @steven Durham . The @ sign will send Mr. Durham a notification, so he can chime in.

Enjoy your new bike !


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I have a similar one... heard it was a street legal model and I don’t remember who on here had told me it was 1 of maybe 12 made?? If you find out anything I’ll be looking haha
I've been looking for info on BGWs for a while now. I'd come across your post before. That was one of the posts that got me to sign up here. I've been a fan of these 70's trikes since I was a kid and tore up my cousin's farm on an Alsport Phase 3. All I have found about BGWs I found on this board and an old issue of Popular Mechanics that Google was nice enough to archive.
I'm not at all sure what model mine other one is. It looks just like yours, except is has the rear suspension. Does that make it a TR-381? The BGW label is completely illegible and it had no motor on it when I got it.
I also have a BGW TR-351?
I’m almost done with the resto just need long enough cables for throttle and brakes
I have one a lot like yours, except mine has the rear suspension in it. Does that make it a TR-381?

I found a 10' throttle cable from amazon for $13 that works great on mine. I was able to take it under and up the back of the engine with plenty of extra cable to be comfortable. Here's the link. I just cut the ball off the engine end of the cable.

For a rear brake cable, to get when long enough I ended up making my own. I bought some bicycle cable housing and then used the smallest cable they had at my local hardware store and cut it to fit. Dorman sells a cable stop kit that had the stop ends that were small enough in it.
I have the STR-381 dual shocks front and rear and I got the ski too. My son driving in a parade.
Thanks for the brochure pics, @Cuda54 , I've been looking all over for any BGW literature, this is the first I've seen this. Do you actually have a copy of it or just the photos of it? I'd love to get some good quality scans of that.


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No I saw this on E Bay. I had looked all over to try to find out witch one had dual shock front and rear. And what model I have and just could not find anything.
No I saw this on E Bay. I had looked all over to try to find out witch one had dual shock front and rear. And what model I have and just could not find anything.
I'm starting to think that if it weren't for the few Tri-Rods that survived the 70's, I don't think you could find enough information to prove the BGW even existed. I can't even find any history on BGW or Arms Industries as a company, let alone the products they produced.