1. BGW, street legal, tri-rod, engine

    BGW, street legal, tri-rod, engine

  2. Bgw decal 2

    Bgw decal 2

  3. Bgw decal 1

    Bgw decal 1

  4. Bgw tri-rod

    Bgw tri-rod

  5. Cuda54

    TRI-ROD independent rear suspenion?

    Well I am looking to find out who made the TRI ROD when they put the independent rear suspension? It has 4 shocks 2 on each side and a big rubber flex for each axle. And it has band brakes on each axle too. I am going to change it to disc brakes and universal joints on the axles. And maybe put a...
  6. CaptNugget

    BGW Tri-Rod restoration thread..

    Hi over the last year I've been slowly able to work on my BGW tri rod so I figured now that I have a little more time and most parts I'd put up a thread. Here are the pics I have so far
  7. Bgw tri rod redone 1

    Bgw tri rod redone 1

    Mid restoration
  8. valvaguy

    Allsport? Tri-Rod. $1000.00

    Not sure of the year. It has an 8 hp Briggs engine that starts and runs great. The body is in great shape , no cracks and has a newer pearl paint job. Seat cover is like new with all the snaps and fasteners present. Like new tires also. all the brake and throttle cables are new as is the kill...
  9. valvaguy

    All-Sport Tri-Rod?

    Newb here. I posted these pics a while back trying to find info on this trike. Most decided it was an Allsport and I agree. I recieved it in running condition but not STOPPING condition. I have recently fixed that problem and think I'm going to sell it. I found it while looking for an old...
  10. valvaguy

    Newb with a Manco Tri-Rod?

    Found this site from the Vintage Mini Bike thread on the HAMB. This is a very cool site. I have been thinking about finding an old bike to restore and then tonight I stumbled on to this. Not sure exactly what it is or how old but it looks kind of cool. I know the pink isn't the right color and...
  11. CaptNugget

    Fiberglass repair help/suggestions needed...

    Hi, im restoring a few old trikes..right now i have a Alsport TS-110, BGW Tri-Rod, and a Owosso Explorer 800S...The seats all have stress cracks in the tops of the fiberglass seats. The Alsport i believe i used some kind of putty on the chunks/chips in it and cracks i believe i used some kind of...
  12. T

    Tri-Rod found today

    I found a tri-rod today while vintage sled hunting, the guy wasn't sure about a price. The bike is fairly complete, motor turns over and has spark. What would be a fair price?
  13. CaptNugget

    Picked up another Trike - BGW - (Tri-Rod? i think)

    Picked up another trike this week. I cant seem to help myself. It has a BGW sticker on front, i believe its a Tri-Rod TR-351??? overall it looks pretty nice, body has cracks and a few chips but normal for these. It is missing a pretty key component tho, i need the bracket for the back with the...
  14. BGW Tri-Rod

    BGW Tri-Rod

  15. BGW Tri-Rod

    BGW Tri-Rod

  16. BGW Tri-Rod

    BGW Tri-Rod

  17. M

    Rupp Tri-rod

    I was lucky enough to find a Rupp Tri-rod in good shape and fairly complete but mickey'd up quite a bit. It's got a diff, both band brakes and torque converter. The brakes are both tied to a single hand lever with what looks like jb weld and bicycle cable. The torque converter setup is much...
  18. tri-rod


  19. tri-rod


  20. tri-ro