MTD bolts, original?

I pulled a engine from a MTD today. Pretty sure original engine as the frame wasn't painted under the engine.:laugh: My question would be: Are these the original washers for the engine mounting bolts? Never seen (square) washers like this before.:eek:ut:



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does the bike have the bolt on jackshaft? In the parts listings shown on minidoodle they list them as part number 736-170 "lockwasher special" breakdown is blurry but they dont look round. Looks like they are shown on the jackshaft hardware as well. They liked to use stuff like that on mowers and MTD builds those too.
Karen, when I pulled the original engine from the MTD bike I had, it definitely had those washers on the mounting bolts.
I still have the mounting bolts washers and nuts. If you need them, PM your address and I'll send them to you....


I had a Trailhorse that had those on it. I think it might have been the one [MENTION=5073]trinik[/MENTION] had at Windber this year. Double check with him... So many bikes.. could have been another
I plan on removing photographing and listing the original minibike specific engine it's original has gold paint on it the jackshaft bracket and wheels which was standard on the green bikes my red MTD SS400 had a silver engine jackshaft bracket and wheels. My camera now communicates with my computer again so I'm taking pictures again.
[MENTION=54732]Mariah[/MENTION] thank you. [MENTION=24136]Outlaw Ace[/MENTION], looks like the same bike. Would be good to know.