1. BWL

    Side plate bolts keep backing out`

    Man, the side plate bolts on my BSP motor keep backing out. I torque them to 17 lb-ft. What is it? Do you guys use lock tight or something? I even loose a bolt most every trip out on the river. Weirdest thing ever. Never had this problem with any powerhead before now.
  2. manchester1

    MTD bolts, original?

    I pulled a engine from a MTD today. Pretty sure original engine as the frame wasn't painted under the engine.:laugh: My question would be: Are these the original washers for the engine mounting bolts? Never seen (square) washers like this before.:out:
  3. T

    1969 taco nuts & bolts

    hello all, anyone know where i can get new nuts & bolts that hold the shocks on and a new bolt & nut to hold the fork to the frame and new front nut & bolt ( axel) for the front tire ?? cant find crap at hardware stores anyone know of anywhere to get them let me know thanks bobby
  4. Harquebus

    Size of Bolts on 5 HP Side Cover?

    Does anyone know what the thread pitch is on the Briggs 5 HP PTO sidecover where you'd mount the Torq-A-Verter? Four bolt holes, tapped and threaded. I have no idea what size bolt goes there. Thanks.
  5. S

    Taco Foot peg posts, with bolts & nuts

    Taco Foot peg posts, with bolts & nuts, off an ST-100. $25 shipped. Can't seem to get pics posted to this site, so PM me your e-mail address & I'll send you pics. Also PM me if you have any questions.

    For Sale Original Ruttman Triangle hex head.....bolts Hardware

    Selling my original Ruttman Triangle Head engine mounting bolts? wheel bolts? 5 1/6 x 1 1/2 long quantity 15 and one extra 3/4 long.. $25.00 shipped anywhere in the lower 48 Paypal
  7. Midyrman

    Bonanza Axle Bolts

    Looking for the front and rear axle bolts and nuts. This is for a mid-peg BC1200. 8 inch length seems about right (5/8ths) but please chime in if you have more to add. Thanks. Tom
  8. R

    DB30S Seat problem (Bolts)

    Hello there. I have a db30s, and I have a problem with my seat one of my nuts in my seat came loose and came out of the seat. Now I cant bolt the seat down at the front. Is there any way I can get the bolt back in there and secured to mount the seat again? Thanks
  9. derekbmn

    Vintage Nuts, Bolts, Axles & Hardware Wanted

    Looking for various nuts, bolts, axles etc, etc. Could really use some original vintage engine mount bolts, various length axles and axle bolts with nuts. Can always use the "All Metal Center locking nuts" of various sizes, small up to 15/16" RBW brand bolts (any size) always needed, as well...
  10. KustomKartKid

    " Mini Bike Correct " Hardware Engine Bolts Staked Lock Nuts

    Brand new "Mini Bike Correct" Hardware. Staked Lock Nuts were commonly used as OEM equipment on vintage bikes. Used with a flat washer gives a much cleaner / professional appearance than a lock washer. 10 pcs 1/4-20 10 pcs 5/16-18 10 pcs 3/8-16 Also included is a set of...
  11. CarPlayLB

    NEW! Tecumseh side popper exhaust with bolts

    Here is a brand new Tecumseh side popper exhaust that was stolen from a new 3.5HP side popper. This has never been used, only mounted and stuck on a shelf for years. To your door (lower 48 only) for the low, low price of $15.66 (or best offer or something to barter!)
  12. FloridaMiniBikes

    Tecumseh H35 Gas Tank, Head, Bolts, Gaskets, etc., $45 Shipped

    * Black Tecumseh Gas tank, Very good shape. * Tecumseh H35 Head: Bead blasted, N' hot tanked. No cracks. Spark plug threads perfect. Very Slight chip on fin nearest spark plug hole. * Set of head bolts. * 3 NOS head Gaskets. * New NGK CS-1 Commercial spark plug *...
  13. FloridaMiniBikes

    Tecumseh H35 Head, Bolts, Gaskets, etc........

    * Tecumseh H35 Head: Bead blasted, N' hot tanked. No cracks. Spark plug threads perfect. Slight chip :censure:on fin nearest spark plug hole. * Set of head bolts. * 3 NOS head Gaskets. * New NGK CS-1 Commercial spark plug * Motorsports blue, (Mallory) plug boot and...
  14. D

    nuts and bolts size??

    I was curious if anybody out there had all of the sizes of every bolt and bushing and bearing on the DB 30 new style? I've got on OldMiniBikes and I can find the parts but they don't list sizes or if they do they don't say where that part belongs for example they have a lot of bushings on...
  15. manchester1

    MX Wheel broken bolts help.

    Trying to get this MX wheel apart. 2 of the 3 bolts snapped right off.:doah: I had them soaking in PB blaster for a week.:cursing: How can I get those bolts out? Drill?? Thanks for any help.
  16. Midyrman

    Spacers for Tec head bolts / gas tank

    Does anyone have a couple of the spacers laying around that go onto the head bolt to support the top mounting bracket for the gas tank? For an H35. Thanks Tom
  17. B

    Hemi Predator Crankcase Bolts

    Just picked up a Hemi Predator and am trying to bolt a torque converter to it. The bolts included with the TC (8mm x 1.25 x25mm) go into the crankcase half turn and then stop. What size should the bolts be?
  18. george3

    68 rupp u bolts wanted

    I need the u bolts off a pair of damaged bars
  19. D

    fuel tank needed

    I need some type of period correct type fuel tank for my Boonie. I am using 5hp flathead Briggs but it is modified extensively. It does not have a pulsa jet carb. I was thinking maybe a tecky type tank that I can bolt to the head bolts on the front of the engine. Something cheap. Any tank really...
  20. MB165

    would anyone hesitate to use this flywheel

    old H50, someone forced longer pull start bolts and hit the fins, no cracks all clean breaks.....................