My Murray...pic heavy

Well, I got this Murray Track II a little while ago. I had been looking for one because I had a picture in my head of what it could look like. RobertC was kind enough to let me know about this one.
First, I took it apart and cut all the brackets and stuff off the frame that I didn't need. I also cut the left rear axle plate to look like the right side. Then, I welded a section of tubing to the frame for my seat mount. I sent the frame, forks, wheels, and new sprocket off to the powdercoater. I had the wheels done in Silver and the rest done in Mirror Black. While I waited, I ordered lots of parts and got myself a 212 Predator.
I didn't get any "before" pics because it looked like every other Murray that has been rode hard. Here are some pics of the project. It runs really well, and I think, looks even better! Let me know what you think.

I did a lot of stuff that nobody will ever care about, except me. Such as bolt covers and replacing all the bolts/nuts with stainless steel.


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Very nice...interesting take with the high bars and saddle seat. It came out looking beautiful. I appreciate all the fine details you put in it to make it special. That's half the fun in make it your own.

I really like the Murray Track2's and every time one comes up for sale around here I'm so tempted to buy it. I hope to eventually get one and mod it up some, too.
I did a lot of stuff that nobody will ever care about, except me. Such as bolt covers and replacing all the bolts/nuts with stainless steel.

Attention to detail always defines the great from the really good. Others will notice. Very nice bike and work.



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I added a strut on my Murray from the motor plate to the brake bracket. It helps get rid of the flex and gives good brakes! I am 280lbs and I can lock the back wheel!
Thanks, fellas. I've got a few more things to do to it like a clutch cover, kickstand, and, yes, a brace for the brakes.
I've got to say that I am fully impressed with the Predator engine, so far. I followed advise on here and put a open air filter, a header, jet kit, and Autolite racing plug. This thing cranked on the second ever pull and runs fantastic. I also really like the sound from the RVL Mini91 silencer. Thanks for all the great advise on this forum.

Hey Mike,

That is beautiful :thumbsup: .

Great work, and attention to detail !

Had to put a predator on my Boonie Bike, and find the strock muffler too close for comfort...was looking at headers on web, then I see yours...I lke it best so far ! Where did you source your header ? (and what does it do to the metioned silencer...)

Thanks Mike, and keep up the good work !

Had to figure out a spring loaded chain tensioner on the Murray. The chain would bounce around violently on heavy acceleration and deceleration and jump off the rear sprocket. Worked out pretty well and I think the chain will stay on now. I may try a little weaker spring. This heavy one works, but keeps the chain really tight.