New Coleman models


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The lowly CT100U is worth keeping an eye out for. People seem to buy the Chinese bikes at the big box stores but perhaps the big box stores across the board just aren't stocking the 'base models' anymore. All I seem to see lately (Lowe's) are the deluxe balloon-tired Baja Warrior-style:


I hadn't noticed it before but that's a spring seat. Also, the plastics have a faux 'carbon fiber' look, aka a fine pattern checkerboard of metallic gray and black.


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Tractor Supply has the New Coleman B200RSV as of today. Their price is $999.00. I'm sure it will be offered at lower prices at other dealers soon.
overall opinion.
So far, it’s very nice. Smooth suspension, good proven 196cc motor & throttle, great disk brakes, outstanding head-light, comfy seat & pegs position (still not under rider though, same as previous big Coleman bikes). Easy for this old man to unload, unpack, & assemble by himself, although it took a bit of ingenuity and a flat jack. Heavy box ~175lb with 158lb bike and shipping frame.
The hardest part was getting the front tire to seat on the rim. Tried a tie-down, tried fire (brake cleaner), and what worked was a new ratchet strap very tight (much tighter than I could get with the regular tie-down).
Once that was done, it was a cakewalk.