New Guy Intro/ Me and my friends like to race in the dirt! PICS

Hello Everyone, I'm new here! (sort of, I messed around on here about 6-7 years ago)

Real quick intro: I'm 26, I work in the Coast Guard, and i live in Southwest Ontario, (Great white North) I have a bunch of random small engine stuff and multiple old cars and an old truck. I play in a band, and collect guitars, old guns, and car parts!

...On with the mini moto!

more to follow (just trying to see how much it will let me post at a time right now)
Welcome aboard!
Sounds like you have a lot of neat stuff. Tell us about the bike you're working on , and what your plans for it are.

So back in 2008 (ish?) I bought a DB30 and obviously mounted the go to 6.5hp clone in it (real original!)
Me and my pals had a great old time rippin around on it and of course that ked to everyone else getting minis.. A few of us had new DB30's and the others found legit old 60-70's minis. (I myself also had a 70's era CAT mini with a 4hp briggs at one time). We borrowed a tractor and promptly scraped out a dirt oval into a field (later adding a road course bit in the infield) behind a friend's house and we raced there up until a few years ago.

Just last year we made a larger new track at a friend's house and are just about to wrap up our first season racing there.
This new track is maybe an 1/8th mile long? that includes mostly flat turns, a few small hills and 2 back to back hairpins.

There are currently 6 of us racing. All now with DB30s, (the old bikes were all cracking frames) It's looking like there will be about 10 of us for next year. We have a basic rule system, but are currently working on a revised rule book for next year to cover all of the crazy modified clone engines and hondas that are being planned.

We race about 10 events in a season, with three races on each event day. A weekend usually consists of:

Friday: track maintenance and grass cutting followed by test and tune
Saturday: more track maintenance/grooming followed by test and tune
Sunday: Race Day! track grooming and a bit of test time before 11 am when racing starts, usually consisting of 3 races with 1-2 hours intermission between races.

pics up next.
And here's pics from our last big race day this past summer (at the new track)

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So basically my bike is a DB30. It's got a 6.5 clone that I made up a header for it years ago, but is otherwise stock. it has held up surprisingly well for being thrashed since day one almost 10 years ago!

The reflectors have been shaved off, and the front fender has been lowered. I made a new tensioner years ago along with lopping off the kickstand and moving the foot begs back.

I just put a new set of knobby carlisles on. I previously had a carlisle diamond on the rear, a knobby on the front. The diamond rear worked well on our oval track once the left side of it wore flat.

Plans for next year involve ...well, the works! Mikuni carb, new throttle. ARC flywheel and rod, new cam and valvetrain.

Soon I will be fabbing up a new aluminum fuel tank out of an old mini fire extinguisher, and some weld in fittings I got off of JEGS

I'm still using the stock mechanical disk brake. I find it works well enough (still locks up easy) I just adjust it each race day (or as needed) and go through a set of pads each year roughly.
Man, that looks like a blast! I'm trying to get my house market-ready so I can buy one I can do something like this at.
Haha yeah it's super fun, and waay cheaper than getting into any other form of power sports. We abandoned our old track because everyone was moving away, and we were lucky that one of us found a place with 4 acres and cool neighbours!