New in the zoo

I've been lurking on the site since before Christmas and am now ready to speak up and say hi.

Last year my then 12 year old daughter wanted a motorized scooter for Christmas. We screwed up and got her an electric Razor stand-up scooter, she wanted a sit down scooter. , This year was time for redemption--I did a lot of research and decided on Motovox MBX11s. Next major decision was to get 3--wife and I can't keep up with her on foot and they will be fun for our 2 younger kids to grow into. My best friend had an old Tote Gote growing up--we put about 1 million miles on that thing, memories I hope my kids have themselves.

I initially tried to order them from a seller on Ebay but got an email 2 days later saying they were out of stock (2 weeks before Christmas). I called Motovox directly and asked if they had any in stock--they did and were eager to do all they could to get these to me in time. Everyone I spoke with was top notch, very service oriented.

First impression: They shipped them for free on a pallet so they boxes were in great shape when they arrived. Unpacking them was also impressive--each was enclosed and bolted to a steel frame to keep the boxes from crushing during shipping.

Kids love them. My youngest is 9, oldest is 13 and all are having a blast running up and down the street. We have a very slight incline so I'm slow going one way and pretty fast coming back. Since we're going to take these camping in the Utah wilderness, I've decided to upgrade them all. 2 will get PMR Jackshaft kids from so the kids have a little more oomp going up hills. For the 3rd I've decided on the Predator engine ($99 last week with 20% off coupon) and the PMR Stage 3 kit. Probably don't need the jackshaft kit and Predator, but it was an extra $40 over the Stage 2 kit, or a discount of $80 on the jackshaft if ever I want to go back to the smaller motor/jackshaft (or get a 4th one with just small motor and jackshaft).

So overall very pleased with the minibikes--build quality seems very good, fun factor is high and will be much higher with the upgrades. Next up is to upgrade the brakes when gets them back in stock.
Thanks for the welcome's everyone--glad to be hear, to contribute and mostly to learn. I'll post up a pic or two of my fleet of 3 so far. Excited to put the jackshaft on 1 first to see the difference, and really excited to get the Predator on one. Camping is going to be a lot more fun this summer!

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, I have learned a ton already here. One tip I found saved a lot of aggravation--my new predator motor wouldn't start. I found another thread suggesting disconnecting the yellow low oil wire, it fired up next pull. It wasn't full of oil but was about 2/3 full. They are a blast, and even more so with the new motor on one of them, and the jackshaft on the other 2. The predator + jackshaft together make it a totally different bike--get up and go is awesome. I posted a few pics and notes about the upgrades in a new thread called Upgrade to my bikes (can't post a link because I'm a new guy).