1. E

    How to make 212/224 more tame for kids?

    I have a doodlebug with a 212 on it, 12T clutch, 65T rear. I also have a motovox frame that I'm going to be putting a 224 in, I have a 12T clutch for it, and it currently has a 75T rear, will probably change that to a 65T as well. I want to make these tame enough for my nieces and nephew to...
  2. L

    looking for some slick tires for my kids go kart

    hey guys, Its finally time to order some new tires for my kids go kart and i was looking for a little advice. My plans are a new predator engine with a arc flywheel and I would like to do a live axle conversion but that would take too long and i just want to get this thing running. i saw...
  3. 7

    Muskin Cat for the kids

    I was given two mini bikes this summer from a friend who had a stroke. There's a thread in off topics if you're interested, but let's get to the meat of the discussion. Winter is deep here in the inland northwest so I thought I'd get to work! My daughter and I removed the little Briggs from...
  4. mini mechanic

    mini mechanic

    grandson's first project
  5. F

    WTB Vintage 1/4 midgets, old gas powered kids cars, CASH PAID

    Looking to buy any projects, quarter midgets, antique kids gas powered cars, mini hydroplanes, let me know what you have!!! Ted 419-348-9850 THANKS!!!
  6. neo71665

    424 monkey ward (cause all the cool kids have a gilson)

    Well after tinkering and finally able to order the clutch the lil 424 has moved today under it's own power in 30+ years (according to the original owner I got it from). Still working out the bugs. The rear chain is a goner, broke on me 3 times today and I'm out of master links. Carb needs work...
  7. C

    Looking for wheels and hubs for old kids FKL kart

    Hello I am currently restoring an old kids FKL kart for my kids. I am looking for some help finding a set of 5" wheels and hubs for it. I has 2 correct 2 piece wheels already, but someone had installed 2 wheels off a wheel dolly or something to that effect and I would like a matching set of...
  8. Sixpac440

    50cc Kids Youth Pocket Dirt Bike $300

    Purchased this past spring for our granddaughter, used very little. You don't need to shift it, it's an automatic. Also comes with a strut I made to lower the bike for a youth of small stature. Everything works as it should. Comes with Certificate of Origin, Manual ect.
  9. CarPlayLB

    Edelbrock head for Briggs Raptor/5HP...only for cool kids!

    Ya say it isn't so? Edelbrock never made a head for the Raptor/5HP engines! That is correct! But as the enterprising stud that I am, I have made this all possible! I have taken the Blockzilla 1 head and had it machined to fit on a Briggs Raptor! This is fresh from the machine shop! These are a...
  10. RobertC

    Picked up a Trike for the Kids - What brand and model is it ?

    Hey Y'all, I lucked out on finding a Trike frame for the Kids - What brand and model is it ? Fellow I bought it from (in NC) said he bought it from someone in Maryland. Said it originally had a 3.5 hp motor. Frame is smaller than the ones Gumpit, and Harley's Papa, and Hent have, looks...
  11. B

    I Just Bought This For My Kid(s). Seller Claims It Is...

    Hi, I just bought this for my kids, and one more I'll post next. Seller claims it is a 1969 Rupp Sprint and I think I read that the Sprint shared frames with two or three other Rupp minis. Am in So Cal and paid $300 BTW if anyone finds that useful. Seller was a very nice guy. Seller said...
  12. W

    Coleman CT200u for 10 and 8 year old kids

    Newbie here looking at minibikes for my 11 (110lbs) and 8 (75 lbs) year old kids. 4 wheelers seem too pricey to buy and keep up with. Thought about a go cart too but think they will have more fun on the minibikes and there seems like there is not much to keep up with on these. I've read...
  13. Go_Mizzou99

    Clutch issue on my kids old Murray Track 2 minibikes

    New to this site/forum. I have two (2) Murray Track 2 minibikes that I bought for my sons in 2001 or 2002 from Walmart. They have been through hell and back and are sitting in my garage. Both run, but not well. Probably should replace the 13 or 14 year old plugs, plug wires, and clean the...
  14. Sixpac440

    Grand Rapids "Kids" ride at the BMX Park ....

    9-12-15 at 9:00AM Just a easy ride with kids in mind ... Tom wand I will each have a grand child, he is bringing a Go Kart. Adults will have fun too riding the grounds, track & trails in the woods. You don't need a kid to come but if you have one bring them along! Directions from...
  15. H

    Kids being kids on a Rupp Kart.

    This is a video of some kids having a blast on an old Rupp Kart with an MC49. This is what the life of a kid should be like.
  16. M

    hello... again

    I used to be on here as manco53548 well its been some time and that e-mail no longer exists so I had to join as manco53115 (yes i e-mailed the forum last week but i guess it didn't help) I have another manco kart that is an exact match to my other kart.. kids are already excited to get...
  17. L

    Next on WHAT IS IT!

    This is my cousins. We used to thrash this as kids.
  18. T

    Hi mini people!

    Hello to all the mini maniacs out there. I have just finished putting together my first mini bike for my grand kids (and myself but don't tell grams). OldMiniBikes was a huge help, so thanks to all.
  19. jeep4me

    Another WTH!? were they thinking...

    Some people's kids... CUSTOM FUN MINI BIKE
  20. M

    New in the zoo

    I've been lurking on the site since before Christmas and am now ready to speak up and say hi. Last year my then 12 year old daughter wanted a motorized scooter for Christmas. We screwed up and got her an electric Razor stand-up scooter, she wanted a sit down scooter. , This year was time...