Nor cal mini bike get together, show and swap meet .June 21st , oakley ca

Oh by the way I busted out on of my slot car chassis and some track. Maybe I'll set up a dragstrip or an oval or something we can race on at the meet , that's a maybe, if I can find the power supply and controllers. Got any laying around?
You bring the table I'll bring the the slot cars Cletus! I got tons of extra track, controllers, cars, not a problem haha!
Just seen your "ad" on craigslist, I haven't messed with the bikes for a long time, but I'm 10-15 minutes away in Antioch, I might have to come out and enjoy.

Too bad I sold my blockzilla, that little Azusa frame wouldn't know what to do. :laugh:
I'll make note of this and try to make it. I'm in Martinez so it's close. I've been out of the mini bike game for years but would still like to see a bunch of them together.
MiniBike Tom put a local ad up on craigslist about the get together! If you search for "mini bike" on sfbay craigslist it should come up somewhere. We were actually just talking about this today, can't wait.
Sweet. I'm pumped and I'm ready , only problem is I'm having issues with my motor I hope I can get worked out by the show. It would figure that I do all this work to put on this event and I'd be the only non running bike haha
Lol I'm pretty pumped about the show. I've been getting my bike ready and it coming out nice I only have a few more thing to get and I'm done. :thumbsup:
By the way does any body that's coming have a 304 or similar series tillotson or 22-26 mm slide carb they'd be willing to sell or trade?

I have a big grudge match/ bragging rights race and I'm currently having issues with carb set ups on my motor. My keihin needs different emulsion tubes and jets and my 234 Tilley isn't enough on the high end. Just found out from a little bird that my competition is sandbagging in the hopes of betting me so I need to be in tip top running order
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Oh and just a reminder it's on the 22nd and not the 21st, moderators didn't seem to help me change the date so I'll just keep reminding everybody
Can anybody put me in touch with this "minibike tom" guy who keeps advertising on CL ? Is he an OldMiniBikes member? Does anyone here know him? I'm not getting aggro or anything but I've never heard from the guy or seen him post in this thread that I know of or even ask me if he could advertise an event that I am putting on, it's the advertising that entrance fees are $5 on one ad and that it's $10 on another and people are getting confused and now today I got a call from the owner of the business (who is a close friend of mine) saying that people are showing up asking about the event and I was wondering if it was him, not being a :censure: hole about it and I have no problem with people who aren't OldMiniBikes members coming or anything like that at all, nor do I have any qualms with anyone wanting to help or spread word that's great, I'm all for fellow minibike heads coming and enjoying it as much as I do that's the point, but this tom guy should have checked with me first before doing any advertising. And if your on here tom, I'm not mad and it's nothing personal, I greatly appreciate the enthusiasm and the spreading of the word, just get in touch with me will ya' ?

It's like that high school party when your parents were gone and you wanted to have some friends and your football buddies over and some random kid you don't even know tells the whole school to show up and next thing you know there's 1500 people you don't know there and then everyone drinks all your beer and then the place is trashed and then the cops show up and then it's ruined and you can never have a party again. :no:

Edit: after some digging I find it is the notorious injun tom?
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