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there was a question about mufflers on facebook about the event. here
is the official event position:

"It is the position of the event property owner that event participants self-police themselves for all matters including mufflers. If you, as a participant, find someones' action, or muffler, unacceptable discuss the action and find an acceptable solution amongst yourselves. The property owner does not require specific equipment such as mufflers or sound suppression parts."

everything is shaping up good. we had a good turnout and rick showed up out of the blue.

the loop is done, did rick send you some pictures? it came out nice under a canopy of trees.

george finished up his tent site, the assylum has a field stone BBQ they mortared up, looking pretty cool.

eric, ELT, started and pretty much finished a nice little foot bridge over the outlet of the swamp.

a bunch of tent sites were fixed up on the high side, each with a fire pit.

i think we are doing two more cleanup weekends, one in july and august.

edit: rick brought a dozen or so genuine wisconsin sausages which was lunch pork heaven. last year he gave me packages of sausage, it was like pork drugs. i hope he fills his trunk this year!
I did get the pics. It’s going to be a great year!