OldMiniBikes.com Decals / Stickers

I'm placing another order for decals.

Lets hear what sizes you guys would like. I currently have 5/8" x 8" in black

What other colors do you want to see? Different sizes?

Anyone interested in the logo from the top of the site, or just a "OLDMINIBIKES.COM" decal ?

Once I get some more feedback on this, I will order them up.


I like the logo from the top of the page with the red then black and red. and it would be nice to have the caption for supporting member added. And size small enough for engine shroud placement. And a bumper sticker size .
Steve :scooter:
even though this isn't about shirts, i think having tall sizes available would be a good idea. regular 2x-3x shirts are generally way too short for me (i'm right about 6'5"/250lbs).

i hate having to buy 3x shirts so they're a bit longer but then they're too big otherwise.