OND's - Bonanza - (Vintage Open)

Incredible build, thanks for sharing. BTW great pics!

Thank You Sir !

That right there is all attitude. As my old neighbor used to say and had on his license plate, that is "JUSRIT" ! :thumbsup:

Thanks Doug !:wink:
That gleams like the jewel it is. It also looks like a very comfortable bike. Beautiful paint job and detail on the mechanics Eric.
Now I will take that compliment ! Thanks Dave .

Great detail and awesome color! Very nice!
Thanks Jack !

Awesome (as expected!) :thumbsup:
Thank you Kenny ...and good to see you back on buddy. :thumbsup:
Wow. Another well documented extremely detailed build! Congrats sir. It's looks incredibly fast just sitting there!!

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Thanks for the video! It is great to see your beautiful bike run.
Absolutely beautiful! It keeps me motivated to finish my project!
Great video...congrats on an awesome build!
I see you used the mail box to hold the camera again :thumbsup: Nice job brother :thumbsup:
Congrats !
It is beautiful !

Wow. Another well documented extremely detailed build! Congrats sir. It's looks incredibly fast just sitting there!!

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Thanks Guys ! :thumbsup:
Progress on this Bonanza doesn't seem to be moving along to fast.:no:...but I got a little more done this morning. Starting with the rear swing arm....a good cleaning up and new pivot bushings from my local hardware strore.

Also picked up some new eye bolts for the rear wheel adjuster...either had to go smaller or bigger on the ID size of the eye. I went with the 3/4 eye let size so I could get them with a 5/16 threaded end instead of a 1/4 threaded end. I ended up cutting about a 1/4 '' out of the eye and used my trusty vice and the 5/8 bolt shoulder to modify the eye.

Also replaced the front wheel bolts with these studs and acorn nuts. Studs were a bit to long so I did have to cut them down about 1/4'' off the long side.

Still have to come up with a braking system for this ride and could use a 4 1/2'' rear drum/shoe brake set up on the sprocket....but I don't like really like the stopping power of this system.
Great job with the eye bolts. Nice detail!
I got some much needed parts today from the good folks at the OldMiniBikes Warehouse. I decided to go with the 4'' to 4'' 1/2 shoe brake system mostly for the looks and not the stopping power. :no: The aluminum backing plate looks good though ! :thumbsup:

Also a new jack shaft.

Installing the brake system. You would think this would be pretty easy right ? :no: Ended up using the most of the day measure and cutting spacers. Oh and if the centered hole in the brake drum was truly centered and the drum didn't have some walk out to it things would half been a lot smoother .

Clocking the lever....where would you put it for the most leverage ...9:00 ? 12:00 or some where else ?

I guess it depends a lot on what your frame or swing arm in this case will let you do. I'm shooting for 11:00 or 12:00 on the lever pivot point.
But first things first....I need a spacer to space the braking plate off of the drum. I used the spacer that I already had made and marketed it off with a file laying on the sprocket area of the drum. I knew it wouldn't be exactly right...but close enough for a starting point.

With the spacer cut and the brake system laying on top of it ...it was close, but I want to put as much of the shoe area in the drum that I can for that little extra stopping power.

I ended up flipping the bolts and nuts so the bolt heads would be on the drum side for as much clearance as I could get.

This is what I ended up with, and it rolls and seems to stop ok , but the real test will be the first ride.

First congratulations on a beautiful Bonanza. How was the stopping power of the 4 1/2” Azusa was shoe brake with aluminum backing plate? I think I’m going to follow your lead with my missing brake.