OND's - Bonanza - (Vintage Open)

I'm might finish this ride up this weekend .. :biggrin::biggrin: .. Need to finish the brakes, paint the clutch cover and Install my '' Cheezy ":shrug: kill switch.

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It's been raining now for 4 days....ENOUGH ! :censure: But anyway I got the brakes up and working, clutch cover sanded, primed , paint and cleared. Oh I also Installed and wired up my (cheezy) chrome kill switch. :laugh:

Hopefully no rain tomorrow so I can get some good pics and maybe a video.
Looks great Eric :thumbsup:
Nice job..:thumbsup:
Really turning out nice!
The paint is outstanding and a great color too! I can't wait to see outdoor photos.
Thanks guys , and the bike is done I hope to get pics up this week/weekend if weather permitting. Its like a swamp around here right now ! :boat::freakout:
OK I'm Calling It Officially Done

But first I would like to "THANK " these members that helped me out with either parts or Info.
Hent & Viki (Drew & Viki ) for this great forum and the OldMiniBikes Warehouse .
manchester1 (Karen) for the awesome seat .
Nick (Ride SF ) for the frame and shipping it to me.
minikenny ( Kenny ) for this great little HS40 Tec engine...thanks buddy ! :thumbsup:
CarPlay LB ( Eric ) for the Bonanza clutch cover.
Cheezy & mrpat (Bill & Pat) for hosting this build off again....great job guys ! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Not to mention all the members that helped out with some great advice ...:wink:

Here are the pics.....not tha best but here they are. I'll try to do a ride video this weekend maybe if weather permits.

As I said in the first post " I'm Just Glad To Be Here ! "
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That is one nice clean simple build:thumbsup: The pics are suitable for framing, but you are missing one thing.........the hot leggy blonde sitting on it!:001_tt2: