Anything Goes! Powell on a budget

Welp, parts are slowly trickling in. I got the extra sprocket cut off my driven so that’s one issue fixed. My frame will be done tomorrow. The welder ran into bondo on the tubes under foot boards you never want to hear that. Anyways this what I got so far. 6F0332AC-F453-48B9-8FED-866452B0FECA.jpeg
All this talk about Powells I had 3 and sold them and a few other projects to Diesel Don and he took a big load back to Missouri and I would bet they are still just sitting Don is a very busy man
The drivens on these are all geared for 5/8” drivers and belts. I wanna use a comet 20 which is 3/4” belt. There is many ways to do this most are better than mine. When I swap bolts and bearings I stick 1/8” washers between the shelves. To clear the way for 3/4 belt. The bearings are 6203-2RS they work for the wheel hubs and driven. Thank you Havasu Dave for sourcing those. 391BADDC-6BCD-44A1-8F3F-A20C6A69E875.jpeg 06EE928B-09EC-49F2-B482-4CFBD5D99A96.jpeg 7C13C30B-FE31-466F-A84C-8F8E36DE9AA7.jpeg
On my powell driven I am using a 20 series driver and I made a circular aluminum spacer for the two pulley halves that was snug on the bearing and fir to the bottom of the pulley groove. DSC01484.JPG