Anything Goes! Powell on a budget

Powell on a budget

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This is my kick stand from OldMiniBikes warehouse it works and has kept my project of the ground. It holds with steering turned left. Tap it to the right and it goes down. I will keep it until I can track down something better. 8BDF62FD-BDBF-43B3-967F-25E59D6A8F45.jpeg


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I got a cnc throttle, some schwinn grips and correct size belt. It’s been wet all day but I got a little ride in before it rained again. It is pretty zippy. I am getting one of minibike Pauls clutch covers to finish. Still have some things to finish. While I am really happy with the powder coating I forgot it makes things slightly larger. I had my axels done but had to grind the round ends to fit in the bearings. I had to grind on the handlebars to get the throttle on. But I am otherwise pretty happy with it so far. 2EB5ACA3-DE0C-442C-B80B-B307B1658C70.jpeg 4B6B54EA-AD15-4DA9-873F-F78AF4FC4F87.jpeg 9CB2DCA8-F646-40D3-9F1A-AA32087F230E.jpeg EEB058D6-15F2-48CB-879A-31F49AFBE204.jpeg


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I rode around the neighborhood on Saturday rides nice I was screwing around in the church parking lot and it wheelied and dropped me on my ass. Bummer is it scuffed up my Manchester seat. And the little breather filter fell off and I ran it over E35F0D47-5209-439B-B9D4-67524EC48F31.jpeg