preditor crank bearings and end play

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6205 c3 I would think, its written on most of them.
Find a local industrial bearing supplier.
This is a 5 dollar over the counter part ( and that's a premium price ).

The C3 is important, this is a bearing with .003 clearance for high rpm and it provides some slack for movement.
There are C4 and C5 bearings, but you really do not need that.

I am far more concerned about your end play issue.
If you have that much slack in and out I think you should scrap the engine.

How mild?
If your not going to spend any money on it, them I would look at a 14cc head off any old 5.5 GX160 clone
10 dollar part used at a small engine shop.

If you want more speed you need to spend money on billet parts.