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    Thumb throttle new insert sliding bearings
  2. K

    motovox steering head bearings

    Hello, I have a little play in the front fork of my motovox mbx10. Anybody know what size bearings are needed?
  3. joebiodiesel

    Roadster 2 12" wheel bearings

    I'm installing new wheel bearings in my Rupp. I ordered a set from Black widow Motorsports. They looked like normal wheel bearings, and not what I had taken out. So i visited a bearing shop in otder to get what I needed. He showed me that I was an idiot. The bearings I got were correct, and...
  4. 21Actual

    Steer Bearings Baja MB200

    Hello everyone. Im in the process of overhauling a used Baja Warrior MB200 I picked up. The steer bearings are totally shot, the upper was actually broken. I cant seem to find replacement bearings for this anywhere. Can somebody point me in the right direction. Keep in mind I need...

    Help finding Bearings.

    I need a little help finding a replacement bearing for my jackshaft. Just the standard 3/4 by 1 3/8's bearings. I want a bearing made in the USA and the best possible quality bearing. As some of you know I am using a 40 series torque converter with a 420cc Predator. My plan is to run the JS...
  6. jeep4me

    Manco Big Cat Neck Bearings

    Who carries the replacement bearing for the manco big cat minibikes? Thanks for your help.
  7. B

    How do I remove 1968 Rupp Jackshaft bearings?

    Title says it all. I have both an XL500 frame and a TT500 frame. Trying to restore both. Thanks in advance! joel/Bink
  8. Jimmy Gmz

    Wheel bearings

    Does anyone know how to remove bearings from rear hub of a Manco thunderbird?also their seems to be something in between a spacer or so. I guess axle slides thru it and prevents it's from collapsing itself when tightening it. Thanks.
  9. ugmold

    Baja headstock bearings

    I repainted my Baja's fame and I am reassembling. The bearings in the headstock were dirty so I didn't realize there were 2 sizes. I cleaned them up and put the larger on the bottom. When i was snugging it up I noticed the ball bearings were visible on the lower. Pulled it apart and put the...
  10. L

    source for DB30S steering stem bearings...

    Hey guys, starting to buy replacement bits for my DB (currently at the powder coaters). I can't seem to locate a source for the steering bearings doesn't stock them and OldMiniBikes was closed for phone calls, but I didn't see it on their site either any help greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. FOMOGO

    Baja Warrior Wheel Bearings

    Anybody have a source for the wheel bearings for a Warrior? I followed a link I found on this forum or another forum, I cant remember which, to a set of bearings that were supposed to fit. Got them and they were way to small. I don't have a good bearing house near me so it looks like online...
  12. N

    axel bearings! Need help!

    hey guys I just bought this mini today. Problem is the rear axel bearings are GONE! So we tore it apart and this is what we found! But I really have no idea what parts I need to replace them. Can anyone help me out?
  13. Not so mini bike

    8" tri star wheel with db30 bearings

    Like new lightly used 8" tri star w/5/8" bearings and hardware. Also has spacer for inside wheel to make it work with db30 axle. $50 shipped
  14. C

    Can you buy Arc bilket rod bearings?

    I bought a new rod and engine almost 5yrs ago. It's brand-new.... I just got around to assembling all the parts. In doing so I discovered the ARC rod bearings had become corroded. Do they sell new bearings or is the rod junk? Specs are as follows . Rod markings are ----ARC #6270...
  15. cudaman

    preditor crank bearings and end play

    My predator 212 has so much crank end play that the flywheel fins are hitting the cover bolts. I want to replace the bearings. Does anyone know the size of bearings needed for a first generation non-hemi 212? or...
  16. Belbuekus

    Wanted: Neck Bearings

    I need a set of neck bearings for a Baja MB165 Heat/Warrior. Also need a clutch cover.
  17. Belbuekus

    WTB Clutch Cover & Steering Bearings

    I need a clutch cover and neck bearings for my BAJA HEAT 165. Anybody?
  18. creia

    Wheel bearings fit a little loose

    1970 Rupp Roadster- Installing some new wheel bearings and notice that they drop in a little TOO easy into the hubs. I am used to having a nice (lightly) press fit, so they do not rotate in the hubs. What are some techniques you use to snug them up a bit? Michael
  19. Robmus18

    Are the bearings in doodlebugs 5/8?

    That's my question, are the bearings in doodlebugs 5/8
  20. Midyrman

    Jack shaft and bearings??

    What is everyone using for the shaft (9-13/16) and bearings (std 5/8ID and 1-3/8OD)? Buying from OldMiniBikes or shouldn't I even ask!