Price for a Doodle Bug?

What do you think is a fair price for a used Doodle Bug? What is the most you would pay for one? (STOCK one).
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I just bought my son his brand new for 259 at Northern Tool. I dont want to buy another new one because I am planning to swap to the 6.5 HP from Harbor Freight so I can ride with him. If I can find just a roller that would be good.
i'd have a hard time paying over $150 for a used one in excellent condition. seems like most people want $250+ for used ones in this area.

i bought mine brand new for $179.
I got mine from a guy who had bought it for a 14yo boy, he said it was slow and got the boy a pit bike. I paid $150 and let my 6yo daughter ride it till I get her Cat250x girlied up for her! Mine had been ridden very little and still had the tags on it. I thought $150 was reasonable and well worth the joy on my kid's face when she rides!


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$259 little high,sometimes you can find them on sale for $200 or less,but not the worst price you had to pay. some of the retail stores have tried selling them for $350 or more$$$:doah:.....thats crazy


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Yah know. Thinking about the price. Really if I had paid $300 for my DB (I didnt I paid $169) it was still worth the fun I have had. I have about another $300 into it and it still fun. Where else can you spend $600 and have continued fun over and over again. Hell I have spent more taking 5 people on 3 hours of Helicopter rides. Nice thing is now that the money is spent it costs (insert going price of gas here) to go and ride for 3-4 hours.


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I just bought a mint one for 125.00 and then sold the 2.8 motor with clutch for 65.00 then bought a chipper shreder with like new 5 hp briggs for 50.00 I will have less than 150.00 into mine after I buy a new clutch.
I see them for 100.00 to 150.00 used on craigs list all the time , I gave 215.00 on Black friday for a new one from TSC ,, just out of ease to get it ,, Cheap bang for the buck with all the mods that are out there