I think the dried, cultivated ones are more potent than the wild caught variety.
I do remember people (Marines) dinking shroom tea, eating shroom pizza and thinking it was not affecting them.
Those were the ones that we tried to assign a non-shrooming wifey to follow from a safe distance all night.
A tripping US Marine can be unpredictable and dangerous.
The nasty, dirty hangover on Monday morning was always the worst, too.
I was stationed at MCAS Beaufort and PI for six years. I know where Joe Frazier lived in Frogmore. We used to party on the beach behind Fort Fremont. Yeah, I've been there many times, too.
My parents now live in Murrill's Inlet.
I was born and raised in Charleston. Used to hunt with friends off of Edisto Island and they knew everybody and anybody with a hunting place. I have been to some interesting places up and down the coast. Even remember dog hunting on January 1st in the dam snow on a barrier island. Burr that wind off the water is cold. Frogmore is such an obscure place that almost nobody has ever been there but they have heard of Frogmore Stew. Have friends that live there and they own 2 Pooddles, one gets a standard haircut and is easily recognizable as a Pooddle the second one she doesnt cut and tells everyone that asks that it is a Frogmorian Pooddle.

How long were you stationed at the Mosquitto capitol of the East Coast?