The Vintage Mini Bike Family Photo Scrapbook

That could've been me in the photo w/the police. Several kids in my neighborhood had minis and the police were always after us. Turned out that the deputy who we thought just hated kids retired with great honors for his efforts against child abusers. And one of our gang became a deputy in the same department when he grew up and went on to lead the county's search and rescue team.

My dad made it in our basement back in the 60s. Since he had no welder, he chose to use water pipe construction. He used the Popular Mechanics plans as a guide, blending with his own ideas.

That bike actually has really nice lines. Do you happen to know where it is today? Is it still around?

I broke that pipe frame and rebuilt the machine using a $10 frame from Boy's Life Magazine. I don't remember what happened to the pipe frame. I hate to say it, but it probably got pitched in the trash. I later broke the $10 frame riding across a plowed field.


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spotted these while searching for something totally non related gotta love google :laugh:, I guess its better than what keeps popping up in the search engine in the movie Ted 2! from Lansdale, PA in the early 70's:

From the article about it:

Dale Clark of Lansdale provided these photos, printed in The Reporter back in the early 1970s, as proof that bikers did rule in the borough.
Well, minibikers, that is.
These photos were taken at the former Philco-Ford plant parking lot off Church Road, Lansdale, and show the members of the newly formed Lansdale Minibike Club at their second meeting of the group.
According to a write-up in the paper, “both children and adults turned out in numbers to watch and participate in the second meeting of the Lansdale Minibike Club.”
“Organizers at the rally said more than 50 youngsters were on hand for the four-hour fun-riding session, while a crowd of onlookers estimated at 175 watched from the sidelines.
“Bikers also practiced precision drill formation under the tutelage of Sgt. Earle Bergey of the Lansdale Police Department, project organizer.”
The article noted that the Adult Advisory Committee of the group would be meeting soon at the North Penn YMCA and that another rally was beeing planned for a spot on Ninth Street, off Moyer’s Road, Lansdale.
Yes, we may have Bike Night in Lansdale each year, but it looks like this group really enjoyed the “mini” version of this hobby.