The Vintage Mini Bike Family Photo Scrapbook


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Used to ride my old Rupp to the Standard station, & fill' er up for around 50 cents.
Remember the guys working there,, used to give me crap about blocking the pump lanes for cars. ''LOL'' !!
I was always a Mopar guy. My first American car was a 70 'cuda.


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Just flipped through my photo albums & found a pic of my 70' trail 70.
It actually was originally purchased by my God parents in 1970, & I rode it pretty much each time I visited them in the early 70's.
My Dad got it from them in the early 80's, & gave it to me around 1990.
This pic was taken about 1994.
Kick myself in the butt even to this day,, for ever selling it in 95.


Here is the Only picture I have of my Ruttman, although you can't see much of it as I'm in the way, but you can see the vacuum cleaner tube sticking up in the air. This was taken in 1969 as I remember that Lincoln. My friend watching me is still a very great friend. He also has a minibike to this day. We ride together once in a while. Two 65 year old kids cruising around on minibikes :)


In the early 70's,I had an orange Ruttman with 5" wheels. I think it was a Toad
ssparx, I restored one of those a while back. That's a great picture! Where did you live ten, SoCal? Do you know why your folks got you that one rather than another minibike? Did your Dad have a Meyers Manx? Here is the one I restored. How did I do?
Wow, your restoration is great. We lived in Central Arkansas. My dad raced motorcycles and had Dune Buggies (not a Manx, but an orange Tow'd). The Meyers connection lead to the Lynx, I previously had a Lil Indian and a '68 Honda Z50 that I started racing on. The Lynx was slow when we got it, but dad and his buddies uncorked the Briggs and it would really fly. I rode and raced it until trading up to a JT-1 Yamaha. Funny now, but not then, I once broke the complete front end off of the Lynx landing off of a jump.