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Man that's great! I only have one blurry photo of my Wren Mini in 1965 with my friend Eric riding it. I took the photo with a Polaroid B&W "Swinger" camera.
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Cool pic,blur and all,lol. How old were you guys? Are you still in touch with your friend? I have one friend only from my childhood,we talk a couple of times a year on the phone. He brought up my Brand X purple mini bike from the 60's last we spoke. I had all but forgotten that one.
Greetings all! I've been wanting to go down this path for quite a few years. My dad bought this Alexander Reynolds mini bike when he was a teen at a True Value Hardware store that sold all sorts of outdoor power equipment and mini bikes. He used to go see my mom on it when they were dating. He and his buddies would ride the things all over the county back roads- they thought they were real bikers.

I started riding it when I was about 5 and until I was about 10. I absolutely rode the wheels off of it- mainly in fields and up the road to my buddy's house. One time, I'm guessing about 1981, my dad was riding his yellow Honda Odyssey and his buddy was riding a Suzuki 250 dirt bike down an old gravel road. I couldn't keep up and thought they were leaving me in an area I didn't know. As a 5 year old, I remember crying and the tears were so big I couldn't see. I hit a huge pot hole in the old road that sent me and the bike in all sorts of directions.....seems like I remember digging gravel out of lots of places in my body. What I remember most, was mom being ticked-off that dad "let me" tear a large hole in my new coat. You only got ONE winter coat for the year. It was a great mini bike and lead me down the path of ATV's, dirt bikes, street bikes, old hot rods and working on about anything that burns fuel. What a great time!

Dad has been cleaning out his garage and this is one of the things he told me to come and get. Dad doesn't get rid of ANYTHING. I had mentioned it to him for years. So, it's sort of a big deal to drag this out and start down the path of bringing it back to life. It has all come full circle as I have 3 kids that I'm sure will enjoy it too. Hopefully it never winds up in this condition, again.

Here are some pics of me on it circa about 1980.

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Me at 14, in 1988, now 45. This is me on my ARCO II chopper. This is my first Minibike I ever built. This pic was taken by my mom about 5 minutes of me getting it running, the 1st run!! All I had was the frame, front forks , seat n sissy bar. The rear wheel came from a Honda CT70. That wheel is still on today. The engine is a Robin 2 stroke, same as the ones on the moto-skeeter. The engine mount was a VW bug front bumper cut out to make a mount plate. E52C8A5D-C4C1-4566-A2F7-248566A86637.jpeg
that is a great Photo, any chance I could get your secret of where you found it? I have 2 of those Benelli Hurricanes :thumbsup:. Reminds me, I need to call the lady I bought the one off of and see If she ever found any pics for me. She was the original owner of the bike-got it when she was like 12.
Own one too... Red and chrome..

Gene Woods. El Toro speedway parking lot, 1965. Home made mini bike.
spotted these while searching for something totally non related gotta love google :laugh:, I guess its better than what keeps popping up in the search engine in the movie Ted 2! from Lansdale, PA in the early 70's:

From the article about it:
My all time favorite mini bike picture .
Wow! what memories! my 1st Minibike was an old home made one a stepfather brought home,ugly as sin and heavy,rode it for about 6 months and then got into dirtbikes [Yuma,AZ late 60's] but I remember all the kids that rode and the neatness of at 62 I ride Minibikes again :)
Drag racing my 70 Rupp Roadster at Lancaster speedway in N.Y. I was 14. Dellorto MB22A carb with a manifold and straight through exhaust on opposite side I made in high school shop class.



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From your Flashback post;
OK, here are my guesses on bike makes, from left to right.
Fox 10" Spoke bike, Arco, Bonanza, Lil Indian,don't know 4" bike Fox Campus?, Lil Indian, Arco