Tote Gote Throttle Linkage..

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Does anyone have a linkage setup that I can purchase ?..or thoughts about making a linkage that will work on a B&S 8HP Flathead. Gote is completely restored..Can't get a linkage to work..thanks..jv..
That is the tough part. I had to make some parts for my Model B, and my 600 doesn't look any easier.

There are some people in Utah very versed in these...


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They are tricky. The flojet carb is a little bit of a challenge. I have bought a few without any engine so when I found an engine with the linkage I was ecstatic.

The cable goes across the top and attaches in the center of the bracket.

Hope this helps. I can take better pictures
UPDATE...Throttle is finished. Smooth as silk..and..perfect response.. Used a combination B&S 5HP flathead throttle kit..AND..a bellcrank from a RC airplane. Cable is attached to the bolt that goes thru the air cleaner(using the standard B&S cable keeper )..then to the bellcrank..which is bolted to the carb..Total cost under $10.00..thanks to all that helped..Next project..WHEELS on the kickstand so I can roll this damn thing around !!!....jv...
ozark1, please share what/how you did. I have lost sleep on trying to figure out how to get this done on my 7 hp B&S. Any instructions, directions, pictures, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much !