Trikes with name and picture.

1973 MTD Mud Bug
Not mine in the picture, I don't have a picture of mine. But it has a bird frame. Had a 5hp Briggs and torque converter. Believe it to be a promotional piece for Ford. This is only the 2nd picture I have found on the internet of one in all my searching.


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Just picked this up.....1971..Lil.. S.O.B..
By ETC Company.. This trike was built 10min. From where I grew up. (West Point, Pa) Lansdale area.!
Mostly orig.!! Only thing diff. Is the throttle.! Orig. engine w/lighting coil, seat (cherry) body mint.!!
i just found one of those in ballinger tx.its complete and not in too bad of has a rear rack and no front rack.does not say big foot on it its red and only says avenger.i neglected to take before photos and it is now all apart.same kohler 8 hp,hit it with some ether and it started on first turn.
I just picked this up, mostly for the engine. But am now curious about the company who made them and who else has one like this. The tag also reads wheels and trails and was made in Taylor Mi There is a decal on the front that reads Warrior 777 (maybe that was the name of this model?). I look forward to hearing back from members who may have some information