Trikes with name and picture.

Wow Jamie...!

That is gorgeous. It looks brand new.

You need to do us a tutorial, on how to bring stuff back to life like you do with cleaning, and minimal painting.

I know it depends a lot on what you start with, but I'd like to know the details behind getting something this clean. Like the approach, products used, materials, used, etc.

Keep up the good work Jamie !
I will comment....

Thanks for "Trumping" my Mud bug....!:laugh:

Thanks for making America great again with your awesome trike..!

And everyone else's..!! :thumbsup:
A bunch of nice looking trikes but for me trike had to go fast and CLIMB THE HILLS. That's where the full suspension came to be the best for. I remember that my first TS 290 had gobs of torque and rigid in the back and shocks in the front end but if you hit a bolder near the top of a hill the front end could pop up and dump you out and that was not the best of fun. But the challenge was always there to climb the hills and using power to do controlled power slides down hill side roads.

hello from denver, co. wow!!!! hope you still have your trike. i will pay top dollar for it. please call david at 303-885-4705. i have cash ready to go and i will take care of all shipping costs and details. if you dont have it anymore, i will pay you a finders fee to locate trikes for me to buy. all i ask is they look as good as yours. i do hope we can talk!!!!! david 303-885-4705 thanks!!!
hello from denver co. wow! oh! wow! i will pay top dollar for your trikes if available. i will take care of all shipping and details. please call david at 303-885-4705. i will also pay a handsome finders fee if you can find me some trikes to buy. all i ask is they be complete and running. i will do the rest!!!! i so hope we can talk. david 303-885-4705 thanks so much!!!!
hello from denver,co. i have a brand new built t555 all set to go out here in denver. if you would like to see pictures, go to cl and put in denver,co. minibike. lots of great photos. i am willing to comme down on the price to help you with shipping. please call me direct at 303-885-4705 david thanks much!!!!