Trikes with name and picture.

Those are some neat three wheelers. The soda companies offered some of the coolest promotional items and prizes back in the day.

It's not a 3 wheeler but, I have a new in original box .049 engine powered Indy racer tether car that was made by the Testors Model Corp. for the Sprite soda company back in the late 60's early 70's.

Here are a couple of pics I got from the net.



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SpeeCo three wheeler. I finally worked out a deal with a guy I worked with, it took about four months but I got it. What I have found out about it is they were only made in 1983. They were called SpeeCo rough riders came in two different models a 500 and 800. The 500 model came with 5 hp briggs pull start only no head light and a fake gas tank on the tube between the seat and handle bars. The 800 model came with a 8 hp briggs pull and electric start, working head light and a fuctioning gas tank on the tube between seat and handle bars. This one is the 800 model and is unfortunally is missing a few parts.

this is cool! ive never heard of these! do you mind if I use your pics on my three wheeler blog? im wanting to do a post on lesser known three wheelers.