1. D


    well, by now some of you have read my complaints about some flake calling me out to be a fake. put your money where your mouth is after taking your foot out of it!!!!! where do you come off calling me a fake. i have bought 3 trikes off this site all from great people and i have found 2 other...
  2. D


    david in denver!!!! i have tried to be a good member and all i got was crap from some loser who called me out as a fake. some people talk a bold game when they sit in their dark little corner pushing computer buttons and dont have crap in their life so they try to hurt other people. why dont...
  3. D

    dunecycle or other trikes!!!!

    i am a seriuos buyer looking for a turn-key trike to enjoy riding. i will pay top dollar to anyone with a cool trike to sell. i will take care of all shipping costs and set everything up for getting it picked up. you do nothing. please help me out. i want a trike so bad. i will make this deal...
  4. D

    trikes! trikes! trikes!

    please help me out! i am in need of a cool trike. no projects please. i am willing to pay top dollar for a turn-key trike. alsport, dunecycle, rup rat, etc. if you have wanted to sell your trike for a good price, i am ready to buy. please call david at 303-885-4705 and lets make a great deal...
  5. D

    trikes wanted badly

    hello from denver, co. i am a collector of way cool trikes. i am willing to pay top collector prices. if you have ever wanted to sell your trike for a fair price, please call david at 303-885-4705 and we can talk trikes. i truly am a top collector and i need to add a trike or two for some fun. i...
  6. Jamie1972

    Rupp rat or trucker trikes

    Does anybody on the forum own a RUPP RAT or a TRUCKER (TRUK-R) trike? I've looked on the Internet for examples of a RAT and there are maybe one or two nice original examples and only one nice original example of a TRUCKER... Just curious if anyone here has one. Would love to know more...
  7. D


    collector of cool trikes wants to buy complete and running trikes. all brands wanted!!!!! please call david at 303-885-4705 denver, co. look forward to buying your trike!!!!!
  8. trikes_20165


  9. D

    reaper trikes!!!!!

    i want to buy all reaper chopper trikes!!!! top dollar paid!!!! also looking for dune cycles, alsport trikes, mud bugs, etc. this is your chance to sell at great prices. please call david at 303-885-4705. i will take care of all shipping costs. please help me out if you can!!!! also paying...
  10. D


    collector buying all trikes that are complete and running good. reaper trikes, alsport, tri-rod, dune cycle , tri-sport, mud bug, etc., etc. i will take care of all shipping costs. please help if you know of any trikes for sale. your help is greatly appreciated. call david at 303-885-4705. top...
  11. D

    reaper trikes!!!!!!

    i want to buy all complete and working reaper trikes. will pay top prices and will take care of all shipping costs. reaper trikes came out of canada 2004-2006. please help with this request. reaper trikes!!!! reaper trikes!!!!!!! reaper trikes!!!!!! thank you so much for your help. david...
  12. D


    reaper trikes wanted!!!!!!!! i will buy complete reaper trikes that are in great condition. willing to pay top collector prices. please call david at 303-885-4705. i will take care of all shipping. please help me out!!!!!!
  13. D

    buying trikes

    my name is david and i live in denver co. i am currently trying to buy a couple trikes to have some fun with for local parades, etc. i am a true collector who will pay top dollar for reaper trikes, tri-rods, tri-sport, alsport, dune cycle etc. i will also pay a finders fee to anyone who helps me...
  14. D


    hello from denver!!!!! i am a collector of trikes. i currently am on a buying trip for all trikes in really great condition to mint resstored. i will pay top collector prices and will handle all shipping. this is your chance to sell your trike for good money. looking for reaper trikes...
  15. D

    reaper choppers and trikes

    here i am again asking for any assistance in locating and buying reaper choppers and trikes. i am a super serious buyer of these bikes and willing to pay premium collector prices. they must be at least running with all parts. not looking for bare frames. i understand worn and used, no problem...
  16. gumpit

    Trikes with dual disc brakes

    Now that I have put on the big block,added another 20 pounds of gussets and weigh 350 pounds. I think its time to put on dual rear disc brakes on my racing Montgomery Ward T555. I think I want to go hydraulic. But has anyone used mechanical on their trikes? Any success? What diameter discs are...
  17. D

    reaper chopper mini bikes and trikes out of canada

    help!!!! i live in denver, co and am in love with the reaper bikes of roughly 2004-2007. i need to satisfy my junkie thrist to buy them, lol!!!! honestly, i am ready with cold hard american dollars , the bikes do not have to be mint, but they must run and work the way they should, i will do...
  18. D


    please, please help!!!!! i am a very serious collector who needs a reaper chopper trike or mini chopper. i am also looking for tri-sports, alsports, tri-rods etc. i will pay top dollar up to $5,000.oo for turn key bikes. i also need a rupp xl500 and willing to pay up to $7,000.oo this is no...
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