Trikes with name and picture.

Any idea how valuable these are?
Usually they are worth more in parts then you can sell them for whole. Which means you usually spend more restoring them than you can get for them when finished. I’ve seen people spend more on a complete front end than I have paid for this one pictured. Sometimes people just need to overpay for the one piece needed to complete their project. You could buy one for $50 one day then when you try to buy one the next everyone selling them wants $1000+... Its all timing and opportunity
Isn’t that the truth! But they’re so fun and neat! I have 15 now (and always looking for new models) and most are still in project mode. ‍♂️Everyone that sees them putting around or even in the pickup or pics love em!
Life’s short! Enjoy it!
Here is another i picked up, do not see one like it in the previous 17 pages. the guy i bought it from called it a 'mighty mouse' but i dont know if that actual name. no markings. one picture is how i got it, the other is just mocked up so i can move it around. its got a differential, and belt/convertor setup/ should be fun