Video: Replacing Valve spring and setting lash 6.5 hp

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I did a little video on replacing a Valve spring with a 18lbs one and setting the lash. Video is only of the exhaust but its the same way for both intake and exhaust. Should be good enough to get most people though doing it. LMK if you have any other questions or suggestions to improve. I think Im going to do a few videos like this.

Next one is Lapping the Flywheel to the crank and setting 8 deg advanced without a timing key.

6:36 on the video.

Also forgot to add that once you set the lash spin the motor a couple times and recheck the lash. I forgot to do that in the video.
he will be making more of these videos. i'll probably combine them into one thread so if your posts/comments go missing, don't get upset.

this one is stickied for now.

btw, the process is the same for all the Honda GX and GX clone engines.


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Thats awesome thanks guys!! I would like to see rod install if thats not already in the works.
Thanks again...that takes the uneasiness out of it.:scared:


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So far here is the list. Not in any order... I have parts on order as of next week so these will get done over the next couple weeks.

1) ARC Billet rod and flat top piston...there will also be a side video with file fit rings (maybe in the video not sure yet)

2) Gov removal and 1/4" thread taping of the block (2 locations) with either set screws or Allen Head.

3) Chain link install and removal with block style chain tool.

4) How to properly install a master link and half link.

5) 4/6/8 deg key installation

6) Lapping crank and flywheel.

7) Installing a billet flywheel but may include that with the above.

8) Also one for the DB section super secret installing the sprocket adapter. lol

If anybody else wants a video of doing some basics let me know. (I will not be doing a tire removal and install cause I cuss to much when I hit my hand.)

Also to our sponsors if you want video of your kits (step by step) the way you want it. I can do that also. PM me for details.

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i'm going to go ahead and lock this.

there will be a sticky made with links to all of these videos. don't get impatient because i will do a thread for them once they are done.

if it takes longer than expected (all of us do have lives outside of this board), just be patient and i'll get it taken care of when he has them ready.
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