We wont have to see this any more

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beautiful job, that is first class work.

I have used photo bucket to post some video on the forum it worked good . I used a digital camera and loaded directly to my computer then to photo bucket. then all you do is post the link to the video on photo bucket. It's all fairly simple to do.
I can't say enough about how great is looks Glenn. That is top notch work. Everything looks great. Congrats on the sweet trike Glenn. :thumbsup:
GUYS am not just saying this but your comments do mean a great deal to me ,,and hart felt . i was considering a offer from a guy that seen part of it in a add i have on ebay but am going to keep it . it is a honor to be a OldMiniBikes member. NOW IF I COULD GET IN TO THE MONDAY NIGHT MEETING !!!!!!!!!!!!!:wink: