What Extra Parts Are needed to Install Predator on a DB

I have an older style doodlebug and got a predator 212cc engine as a gift.

I plan on getting the adjustable plate, a new clutch to fit the shaft.
PMR Adjustable Motor Mount Kit

For the clutch, are people generally choosing the 12 or 13 tooth

Do I need anything else?

Throttle Linkage?
Can I reuse old clutch guard?
New Chain?
Anything else?

I dont understand what this kit is and if i need it:
Predator Bolt and Spacer Kit

I also have the jackshift kit on the 97cc engine right now, is it worth getting the $15 conversion kit for the predator engine?
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I have a 12 tooth clutch, I would recommend getting the higher rpm stall, (black spring) Max Torque clutch. Throttle cable hooks right up, I do recommend adding an extra spring to return the throttle and you'll need to slightly loosen the throttle arm bolt. I'm pretty sure the doodlebug clutch cover won't work, and you don't need a new chain, you just may have to pop a few links out of the old one. You don't specifically NEED that bolt and spacer kit, (I never had to use the spacer), but you are going to need a new clutch bolt. The other bolts are for bolting in a clutch cover. I'm using the PLM clutch cover and it's great. I'll add a pic of how my throttle is, in the pic the cable isn't ran yet, but you can see where I ran the cable. And yes, the jackshaft kit is definitely worth it! Good luck and be sure to post pics! :thumbsup:
Hey MtnXfreeride, ditto all that jdblood202 said. If you buy the Max-torque Box Stock/Clone clutch, it is already setup for higher rpm engagement. If you buy the cheaper $28 clutch listed on OMB, then get the black spring. And I really like the PMR jackshaft, I have it on one of my minibikes. I use a 12t Clone clutch with the jackshaft, and a 11t Clone clutch straight to a 60t rear sprocket and I'm hitting too speed 40.9mph!

When you're ready for a little more "ummmph" outta that engine, check out my thread on the light engine mods (intakes, air filter, header) below. Totally worth doing, everything available via ombwarehouse.com. Good luck:thumbsup:

Thanks for the help everyone, I got it running with a new top speed of 37mph.

That is using the 212cc predator engine, jackshift conversion, and install kit from promod that has the engine mounting plate, clutch with higher rpm engage, new chain, clutch guard. I also got the hydraulic brake... that thing is awesome compared to mechanical disc brakes, I can lock the tire on pavement now.

The predator engine has a stronger vibration when it is lugging and picking up speed, but it is smooth and much more quiet at full speed.

Hardest parts of the install were probably taking links out of the chains, even with the "correct tool" it was a pain, and also re-attaching the gas tank which needs to be removed for engine install.

The install instructions were pretty terrible for my kit though, lots of important stuff missing that can lead to taking it back apart and trying again. The most frustrating piece of missing information was the jack-shift conversion kit that doesn't mention which way the clutch goes (opposite of the jackshift for 97cc engine) and which sprocket you need to switch out and also flip backwards. With better instructions this easily could have been a one hour job.

The exhaust of the predator is a concern for me, the shield itself gets very hot and if your pants are loose enough they will melt on it. I am also worried about the heat from the exhaust melting the seat. Then the only other concern I have is taking a turn and hitting the rear sprocket.

I was doing a top speed test run in my subdivision and a cop came around a bend this weekend... I slow down and moved to the gravel on the side of my road.. he went by me and didn't do anything :scooter:
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Get some header wrap for that exhaust, will keep it from burning anyone or melting anything and is only a few bucks on ebay, you even get to choose the color :)